YouTube hack that increases conversion 22,400 times

Here is a hack to increase conversion rate from your youtube video by hundreds of times. Amir Jaffari increased conversion from his youtube video by an incredible 22,400%.

YouTube hack that increases conversion 22400 times
YouTube hack that increases conversion 22400 times

Here is a YouTube hack to increase conversion rate from your YouTube video by hundreds of times. Amir Jaffari increased conversion from his YouTube video by an incredible 22,400%.

Conversion from Amir’s video was just the global average of 0.2%. With this little trick, he increased the conversion rate to a staggering 45% — one of the highest on YouTube. Amir followed these 8 steps that you must definitely do if you have a video. Afterall you made that video to increase user acquisition, didn’t you?

  1. Visit the 28-day analytics views report
  2. Find your most popular video
  3. Go to the Audience Retention tab of your analytics dashboard and select that video
  4. Find the drop-off point (drop-off point is the point in the duration of the video where you start losing views at an increasingly faster rate)
  5. Add an annotation for your video just 20 seconds before the drop-off point
  6. Make the annotation as large as you can but without disturbing the main content
  7. Position the annotation on the lower right (it is found that positioning the annotation on the lower right corner gets you 40% more clicks) <– This is another hack. Do it for all your videos
  8. Write just a single 1 to 2 word Call-To-Action which is highly related to the current video (remember that the viewer would be most receptive to similar content than anything else)

Done! Follow these steps without any exception and you will start getting exceptional results. Share with us the current conversion rate from your video before trying this trick and then share the conversion rate of a week later of the same video. Would love to hear that.

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