You’ll be surprised to find how powerful can power naps be. Make it a habit

sleeping at work

A power nap, along with satisfying our lazy selves with some sleep, does carry many health benefits to improve our overall health.

How a power nap should be

Have you gone to take a short nap, ended up sleeping longer, and woke up to find yourself dull, disoriented and even sleepier? The reason is that you may have slept for more than the power nap time. A power nap is the short sleep, which takes place in about 15-20 minutes. Anything more than this and we may end up in a deeper sleep which may only leave us feeling groggy after waking up.
Here are some amazing benefits you can acquire with power naps every single day!

Power naps improve alertness and attention

Along with improving alertness and attention, power naps can also enhance a person’s short-term memory. Studies also shows that naps have the ability to improve performance similar to that of a full night of sleep.

Power naps keep your heart healthy

Along with fighting our food cravings and saving us from unhealthy eating habits, naps can also help reduce the stress and anxiety level keeping our heart healthy.

Power naps improve creativity

While in a nap, our brain forms certain connections, which helps in improving our creativity levels.

Power naps reduce the risk of accidents too

While repetitive tasks can make up tired and drowsy during the day, driving right in the middle or after such tasks may pose the risk of accidents. A quick nap may help us get alert again and improve the alertness level.

Now that we know the amazing benefits of a small nap, we no longer wonder why some organizations have started with nap rooms for the employees.

Enjoy napping. Power napping. Let the world know now, napping is healthy.

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