You won’t believe, this one minute exercise is all you need to lose belly fat

Being a Physical Therapist, the one question I get asked by almost every second person I meet, is ‘How do I loose belly fat?’ It certainly has to be one of the most common concern every person face. Yet one tends to overlook it in this hectic lifestyle. We all think that the heavy workout sessions, diet charts and expensive gym trips are the only way to get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

‘I wish there was an easy way’ if you have this same wish, you have come to the right place. Here we have come up with one simple exercise, which you can perform at home and which takes just one minute. You heard it right. Keep doing this exercise for few days and you will see it with your eyes. Here is how you can do it.

Things Required



  • Stand in an open space where you can move your hands freely.
  • Be careful not to move your legs in this whole exercise, and you will feel your abdominal muscles working.
  • To start, hold both the ends of the towel firmly in each hand. (you have to keep holding the towel all through this exercise)
  • Hold the towel vertically in front of you.
  • Now maintaining the grip, take your arms to your right side.
  • Then from upwards, making a semi-circle, to the left side.
  • Turning your hands in opposite direction, now make another semi-circle in the opposite direction.
  • Basically, Create an 8 with the towel.

Perform this exercise every day for a minute and increasing the time when you feel comfortable doing it for a minute. You can perform this around 4 times a day for best results.

Here is a quick video which shows the technique of this exercise.

Go ahead and start this simple one minute exercise for the toned waist you desire. also share it with the ones you think would use this and thank you later!

Disclaimer: It is advised that in case of pregnancy, existing health problems or unusual and severe pain consult a physician first. Do not try out the suggestions on Sharesume without consulting a physician or physiotherapist in person. On Sharesume we share general purpose information for perfectly healthy people to prevent health problems. A personal visit to a doctor will help you to get better treatment.



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