There is a common misconception we all have about only overweight people being unhealthy. When considering our health we often miss out the most important factor that is sedentary lifestyle; which is also the chief cause behind being overweight. It is certainly inactivity which poses most harm to our health. Studies have shown that when deciding about health, one should not rely solely on the weight scale or BMI. It is equally important to consider your Body Fat percentage.

A recent study which shows that inactivity may cause pre-diabetes in slim adults might explain why one-third of slim american adults are diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

Pre-diabetes is the condition which has higher than normal blood sugar levels; Not high enough to be considered as a diagnosis of type-2 diabetes. People with pre-diabetes are at a higher risk of developing type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, just like any overweight or obese person. One usually considers a person healthy based on their weight parameters. But a person who is healthy with weight that is neither overweight or obese, is not necessarily healthy metabolically.

This is a proof that keeping healthy weight is not all that one needs to stay healthy. What is more important is being physically active. Diet and exercises are just as important for the ‘Skinny Fat’ people as it is for any fat person.

Go ahead, get moving!

Do try out these simple exercises you can include in your busy life to stay fit and healthy.