Resignation letter essentials for a seamless exit from your organization

Things you should be careful about while writing resignation letter

Writing a resignation letter is as hard as writing job application email. You need to make sure that the bridges are not burned and more importantly the exit process goes smoothly.

To make it easier for you we have created a cheatsheet for you to consider before you write your resignation letter

1. Talk to the manager

Yes. This is important. Before sending out the letter/email of resignation, make sure you have a word with your manager first. The email at no cost should come as a surprised to him whatever be the reason of your resignation.

2. Start with a positive note

This helps the Manager/HR recover from the initial shock of reading the subject line of your resignation. Letting them know that you were happy to be part of team but unfortunately you will have to part ways will soften the blow.

3. Mention the reason and your desired date of release

The most important part of the email would be this. For example, in case you are leaving because of your manager, it will not seem polite to point it out directly. You can instead say that you are not able to adjust to culture and the need of the company and would rather join other company to your liking. The aim is here to make sure that your notice period goes smoothly and you can exit the company without any further complications.

This would also be a good time to mention your desired date of release in case you have another offer in hand or need an early release for any other reasons. It would help you in negotiating your notice period too.

4. Further procedure needed

It is always good about the further procedure that you will need to complete the process. This would help you be on the same page and you would have a clear process with you for the exit.

Ending the line saying that you fully co-operate with the process will help you get in the good books till the end. As sometimes the exit procedure can be messy without co-operation from either side.

I hope this article helps you get your resignation letter right. And we wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.

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