What if you are drinking water the wrong way? Here is how it can harm you

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Drinking water is one of the most basic thing we do several times everyday. Unaware of how one simple mistake while doing such an easy activity can have such adverse effects on our health. We all have grown up hearing from our elders about sitting while we drink water. Unfortunately like most of the things they say, this too falls on our deaf ears each time. If only we knew the after effects it has!

Just like our elders, health experts too advice on drinking slowly and while sitting. The scientific reasons following it are surely gonna shock you all.

Stomach Wall Damage

Drinking water while standing allows the water to quickly move down the gut and splashes on the stomach wall. This splash damages the stomach wall and the surrounding organs too.


This being one of the most common problem we come across in our day to day life, is triggered with the habit of drinking water while standing. In order to digest any fluid properly, our body requires relaxed muscles and nervous system so it can stimulate our senses and nerves for proper digestion. And this is best acquired in sitting position.

Kidney Filteration

Certain disease such as kidney damage can be caused if the filtration of water from kidneys is affected, leading to impurities gathering in kidneys or bladder. Drinking in standing position also affects this filtration of water from the kidneys.

Tensed Nerves

The sympathetic system of our body is activated when standing. This results in tensed nerves and muscles of the body while drinking water in this position. While on the other hand, the parasympathetic system is activated while sitting which helps our body be relaxed while drinking water.

We all know how important water is for our body to be healthy and that one should drink minimum 8 glasses of water everyday. But we should also, now onwards, be equally mindful about the position we are in while drinking water.

Drink Plenty! Stay Healthy!



Dr. Sadaf Attar is a renowned physiotherapist from Pune, India. She has made a large impact on the society with the help of physiotherapy. She would suggest her patients to avoid surgery and medicines wherever possible and take up physiotherapy that cures the problem at the root without any side effects. She is on a mission to help people live a long and healthy life. Contact Dr. Sadaf Attar for free consulting at sadaf.attar@gmail.com or +91-9860366714