If you use Ola or Uber, there is some bad news some good news for you

If you use Ola or Uber, there is some bad some good news for you
If you use Ola or Uber, there is some bad some good news for you

A new law motivates taxi drivers to avoid you in case they find a better deal with another cab aggregator. So, the next time you book a cab with Ola, don’t be surprised to find out a few minutes later that your booking has been cancelled. The driver could have gone for another passenger with Uber. Cab drivers now have the right to switch between two or more cab aggregators.

New rules are released by Karnataka Transport department under Section 212 of the Motor Vehicles act 1998 that allows cab drivers with on-demand transportation technology aggregators to operate with multiple aggregators simultaneously. The new rule will help taxi drivers earn more. In case, the driver cannot locate an Uber passenger, s/he can simply put on the Uber app and check for passengers in the same location.

It could be favorable for taxi drivers, but not for passengers. With this new rule, taxi drivers will not try enough to locate the passenger, rather would just switch to another aggregator and look for options.

Ola and Uber, both do not employ drivers. Drivers use their tech platform to get passengers and payments processed. Till now, drivers were using Ola as well as Uber, but not simultaneously.

Uber is favoring this move, while Ola is against it stating probable issues on accountability.

Apart from this several other rules are released by the Karnataka Government such as, cabs will need to have a board stating “Taxi” and should be capable of being illuminated during the night hours. Haveing GPRS and a physical emergency button are also made mandatory.

Good news for the passengers, and not-so-good for the aggregators, is that the fare, including other charges if any, shall not be higher than the fare fixed by the government. Be happy that you might not be seeing the 5X surge price again in peak hours.





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