Updating Resume Can Be Tricky If You Are Not Aware of This

Updating resume regularly tricks

One thing a professional must remember is updating resume regularly. It is a good practice to follow!

Opportunities do not knock twice on the door. It is more rare that a good opportunity knocks at your door at the right time. Therefore, it is advisable to be ready always. One way to be sure of grabbing the right opportunity is by updating resume regularly. Be it offline or digital.

Having gone through the same situation once, I can understand why most of us procrastinate updating resume. It’s not only time consuming but it also makes us realise, at times, that we have not being doing anything worthwhile to be put on or updated on Resume!

I have realised these few things which makes it easy for me to keep my Resume updated and ready for any good opportunity that comes my way.

Updating Word file and Social profile with the latest position

On my first day of job, I update my Social Profile by ending the last job profile and updating it with my current role. Likewise I update my word file too. This helps me make just few changes and have my Resume ready in 10 minutes to be forwarded when needed.

Updating location change in case of transfer

Now this is important as recruiter do consider your base location while shortlisting your Resume. So make sure you keep your base location updated too. Mentioning your hometown at the end is also a good way to keep the recruiter updated.

Updating Achievements and Extra Curricular activities

With every new achievement I have to be updated on my resume, I always try to eliminate the old ones. This is because old achievements are of no use if there are better recent achievements in your kitty. Make sure you take care of this as too many achievement may make you seem as a boisterous person. You do not want to be come up as that.

When was the last time you updated your resume? Do let me know below if these tips helped you in updating resume effectively.

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