There is a hack or a trick to everything today. Here is a trick to hack getting high click-through-rate each and every time, called click-bait titles.

Most people I discuss tell me that you have no control over getting things viral or not. According to the anything can get viral and you just don’t know which and why and when.

I disagree. Ever wondered how Buzzfeed and similar websites are able to get each and every post viral? That is because they have cracked the science behind getting things viral. It is nothing but understanding human psychology of people in general.

I will help you learn how to create content that goes viral. If not everything, I have at least learnt to get your content high click-through rate. And now even you will be able to find what works and what doesn’t.

Look at the pattern. You just cannot resist if some information is given to you but not complete, and you are informed that it’s not complete. You can’t resist but get that information. That is one of the easiest ways you can play with to get your content get high number of visitors. I call it The Curiosity Factor. Add this curiosity factor in your titles and you are done. Just check the title of this post. It is half of the reason you are reading this. The other half of the reason is that you are interested in this topic.

Then there are other emotions such as humor and sympathy that you can play on. But that science is for some other day. Subscribe to us to keep finding more hacks.

Here is some amazing information that will help you make awesome titles next time you write a blog or an article. Here is a list of trigrams (3 words) that topped among headlines of 1 million random articles from top publishers. This list was recently published by Buzzsumo.

Trigrams from headlines of top articles shared on facebook

  • You should never

  • Can we guess

  • <Number> photos that

  • How well do

  • make you laugh

  • <Number> signs you’re

  • <Number> pictures that

Trigrams from headlines of top articles shared on twitter

  • First time in

  • The rise of

  • The art of

  • History of the

  • You can now

  • The case for

  • The science of

These trigrams are good but I believe we can do much better. Just keep experimenting. And do not forget to measure. You can also share your articles with us. We would love to publish them on our website too. If you need help in making your articles viral, you can call me up anytime.

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