What I think marketing is. Not quite the usual things you hear.

Targeting your Resume - A Poem in Kinetic Typography
Targeting your Resume - A Poem in Kinetic Typography

A few days ago my friend sent me a flattering request. In essence he told me that I may know a few things which cannot be found in books, internet or in regular school curriculum. So I should share whatever I know with people through his website. I am not sure that what I will be sharing here is something so unique and exclusive that it wouldn’t be found on any public media or in structured education programs. However, I can promise that whatever I am sharing here is something that I am very passionate about, so a reader can expect something different even if they know everything I am sharing here.

In my view one thing that sets human beings apart from other life forms is the ability to plan and organize for a purpose – a goal. In human history we can see these organizational skills deeply rooted since the inception of civilization. However, I believe that our ability to transfer our skill and experience pertaining to organization into profit and non-profit organizations is one of the biggest milestones of 19th and 20th centuries.

As every adult would consciously or subconsciously know that primarily there are two types of organizations:

  1. profit organization
  2. nonprofit organizations.


For purpose of this writing I am going to focus on organization’s needs instead of boring my reader by details of organizations.

One of the basic needs of an organization is to let others know that they exist and they exist to do certain jobs/things/services for others. As an example – a hospital (an example of an organization) exists to serve (an example of a service) diseased patients. A university (an example of an organization) exists to provide education (an example of a service) to willing and capable individual. The Ford Motor Company (an example of an organization) exists to provide an individual with means of transportation (an example of job) if they can afford it. This process of letting people know about the organization is advertising. Whereas for the organization to figure out who they are, whom they are trying to serve, what do they do, how do they deliver their promises etc. is called marketing.

Now let us think for a while from a different perspective. What if I am operating the best hospital in the world, with the best equipment money can buy and the best breed of doctors but nobody knows about these facts. Same way let’s say Ford Motor Company has invented a flying car which cuts transportation time in half, doesn’t pollute atmosphere in any way and is twice as safe than existing means of transportation. But they have no way to let anyone know about their new invention. In both of these scenarios, in grand scheme of things it hurts the whole society because general population can’t take advantage of these fantastic advancements and organization loses its purpose of existence.

The aforementioned point is so crucial, that in my view organizations have a moral and ethical obligation to absolutely make sure that they have the ability to perform proper marketing and advertising, otherwise they should cease to exist. My reasoning behind it is – it takes a lot more time, energy and resources to get an organization in place. A lack of capabilities in marketing and advertising will definitely make it irrelevant to the extent that its existence would not matter at all.

This blog series is going to talk about: marketing and how the landscape is changing for marketing; in this changing landscape how organizations are adjusting and; how will they have to adapt to be relevant.

Finally, because I lead a group of people who all believe that excellent Marketing is an absolute must for organizations, we are willing to review and help with the marketing strategy for organizations. This service will be free, as we really want to see every legitimate value generating organization to be successful. Only condition is we will give you 1 hour every six months. Every month we will be processing 10 organizations. To reach us, write to us at contact@sevak.net

Special Note

With all due respect we are not able to help any organization engaged in alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs and marijuana trading or tobacco products or any other illegal undertakings.





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