The Resume  —  A History: In Reverse Chronological Order

The Resume  — A History In Reverse Chronological Order
The Resume  — A History In Reverse Chronological Order

Summary of Experience

Resumes have come a long way. I mean a seriously long way. It is a work history that spans nearly 6000 years. Along the way, it has rebranded and reformatted. It is also a story of expanding visibility and market share.

Work Experience

LinkedIN, December 2002 to present

  • Created a centralized platform that expands reach and enhances searchability
  • Made profile pictures and corporate logos a standard thing
  • Added many social media aspects to how people find employment

Microsoft Word, 1990 to present

  • Standardized formatting to make content more readable
  • Partnered with email to enhance distribution
  • Improved digital storage ability and reduced editing and maintenance cycles

Various Word Processor Assignments, 1977 to 1990

  • Worked to speed time to market
  • Integrated new and varying technologies and formats
  • Continued to work closely with Cover Letter

Post War Ascendancy, 1950 to 1977

  • Mastered Type Writer technology
  • Developed leadership in job seeking market
  • Partnered closely with Cover Letter (even when latter remained hand-written)

Freelance Communication, 1900 to 1950

  • Worked with highest level of professionals to facilitate employment
  • Began adoption of type writer technology
  • Worked loosely with Cover Letter on standards and protocols

Various Grave and Tombstones, 1650 to present

  • Leveraged entry-level experience to broader market
  • Mastered very short formats using Epitaph technology

Project Based Assignments, 15th Century to 19th Century

  • Rebranded in 1482 to Resume’ while working for Leonardo Di Vinci
  • Reformatted to better utilize paper medium and lists/bullet points
  • Realigned business model to assist scholars, merchants, and nobleman in the acquisition of future employment
  • Added skills component to enhance basic achievements

Heraldry, 1st and 2nd Millennium CE

  • Adopted multi-media approach from stone to shield, tapestry to stained glass
  • Engineered white glove service for highest valued nobles, kings, and warriors
  • Changed focus to build fame and notoriety
  • Expanded market to people who are still alive!

History, 3500 BCE to 0 CE

  • Founded History with first known recorded accounts of Egyptian and Sumerian rulers
  • Concentrated on stone to secure future availability
  • Experimented with pottery format to expand market, but technology proved too fragile
  • Outcome of original value proposition to secure place in afterlife remain unclear, awaiting feedback

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