On a busy work day when back pain strikes, it is always the simple route most of the people choose. Pop a pain-killer and done! Do you prefer the same option? A recent study shows why you should stop doing it and what you should opt for instead.

Back, neck and muscle pain is something every person goes through. Bad posture accounts for one of the most important factor in leading to these pain. Leaving the cause untreated and popping painkillers only worsens the condition aggravating pain more and more each time. In this modern lifestyle our back and neck are put through increasing strain making it even more important to adapt healthy posture and exercise program which would prevent our back and avoid further problems. Back pain remains one of the leading cause of disability in the world. But the treatment for most of the people stays anti-inflammatory medicines. A recent study involving more than 6,000 people showed that gastrointestinal problems were caused 2.5 times more likely in patients who were taking anti-inflammatory drugs. While providing only short-term relief in pain that too very slight.

People are mostly unaware of simple things to their everyday routine such as not sitting in the same place for a long time can have such a positive impact on your back. Same goes for the benefits of walking. A personalized exercise program should be followed which can focus on improving one’s posture and strength and flexibility of the spine along with balance.

Being a physiotherapist, I couldn’t agree more. I have personally seen so many people recover with strengthening and stretching exercises, most of them in fact. Knowing this fact actually disturbs me. More people with back pain should be advised for exercises instead of being prescribed with pain-killers. Especially when studies have shown how just 1 person out of 6 have benefited from it. This study might just be a new ray of hope in making people more aware of better treatment options available.

Now that you know this, if any one you know has the habit of popping pain killers for back pain, share this article with them so they know about it too.

Disclaimer: It is advised that in case of pregnancy, existing health problems or unusual and severe pain consult a physician first. Do not try out the suggestions on Sharesume without consulting a physician or physiotherapist in person. On Sharesume we share general purpose information for perfectly healthy people to prevent health problems. A personal visit to a doctor will help you to get better treatment.