Salary at Google

How much does google pay its employees? Info from all over the internet

Some say Google pays $3 million to some of its engineer. According to Business Insider in 2012, here is what Google paid for some of the positions.
Multi product strategy Cannibalize or Evangelize brand?

Multi product strategy – does it Cannibalize or Evangelize a brand?

Baba Ramdev's Patanjali made news last month when he predicted that soon Patanjali will overtake Colgate & Nestle. Here we explore how multi product strategy has helped Patanjali that made Baba Ramdev make the claim! My...
It is just time resumes be standardized

It is just time resumes be standardized

Mission Standardizing Resumes. Today I took the first step towards it. The product idea came to me several years ago. All this time I was waiting for someone to make it and then I...