How To Write Subject Lines That Has Higher Open Rate?

Make cold email warmer by personalised subject line

A personalised subject line is the best way to get attention of the reader for a cold email, given the volume of emails one receives these days.

Writing emails can be strenuous affair as your prospect of getting an interview is dependent on the hope that the email will be seen and opened. Since subject line is the first thing one sees in an email we need to make sure to make it seem as clean and engaging as possible

More often than not, a good application gets lost in the number of emails that an HR receives during the hiring season. That’s why it is important to catch the attention of the HR through your email application.

Here are some great examples of email subject lines that can help you get a reply from HR

<First Name>, have you been looking for this application for <Job Role>

Addressing the person with the first name gives it a personal touch. It compels them to open the email as it makes them curious to know whom is it from. It is also important for the recipient to know the reason you are contacting them right from the subject line. This clears your objective and he will know that you are not going to waste his time with spammy emails.

Permission to meet you once for the role of <Job Role>?

With this subject line you are clearing two objectives –

  1. You want to meet them regarding something that could be of interest to both parties.
  2. You are clarifying the objective of meeting in the second part of the sentence.

This sends an impression to the employer that you mean business and would not waste his time with a long promotional email. Plus, you stand out from the other job applicants who use subject line such as – ‘Application for the role of <>’

[Referral name] Can we meet for 10 minutes to discuss possibility of me joining as <Job Function>?

Now here you are putting a pressure on the interviewer to open the email because he sees a name he is familiar with and he might talked about the vacancy to him. Since he knows the person personally he would open the email knowing it’s not going to waste his time. And asking him to discuss about job opportunity makes it more clear about what the email is about.

Use these subject lines the next time you are sending out cold email to a prospective employer. LEt me know in the comments if there is any subject line that has worked for you

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