How Is Soul Machines Contributing to Artificial Intelligence With Digital Human, Rachel?

Meet Rachel, Soul Machines latest digital human
Meet Rachel, Soul Machine latest digital human

Soul Machines, a Kiwi company that develops Artificial Intelligence has created its digital human named Rachel. Rachel can see, hear and respond to you.

Soul Machines latest creation, Rachel, is an avatar created by two-time Oscar winner, Mark Sagar, who worked on the blockbuster movie of the same name.

Mark Sagar who is the CEO of Auckland-based company Soul Machines said that he aims to make man socialise with machine. This would be possible by putting a human face on artificial intelligence. He further explains that at Soul Machines they are trying to build a central nervous system that would humanise these computers.

We are already living the favourite theme of Hollywood, the interaction between human and computer. It is already available with us albeit in much simpler forms such as Siri on your iPhone or the virtual assistants in your home.

Wanting the bite from the pie, China’s third-largest technology company, Baidu also announced recently that artificial intelligence is going to be its major focus. Their focus includes the driverless cars.

Baby X

Soul Machines goal is just as complex – giving emotions to the computers. The startup’s prototype was Baby X. This Baby would get upset and need reassurance when Mark Sagar hides. It was also able to recognise pictures.

The technology’s advancing so quickly, a later version would be able to assist people with disabilities in Australia.



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