How Social Media is Used for Hiring by Human Resource Managers

How to use social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter for recruitment?

How Social Media is Used for Hiring by Human Resource Managers, is a common question asked by human resource executives. The recruitment industry now have various tools for social media recruitment. Recruiters are now utilising social media to attract good candidates that are not available easily on hiring platforms.

The changing world and the digital era has given HR opportunity to attract candidates and provide them with incredible opportunity. Hiring is no longer restricted to the classifieds, newspaper listing or even, Naukri. Let’s look at how social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are aiding recruitment managers to look for best candidates.

Social Media Channel – LinkedIn

It’s a no-brainer that LinkedIn is the professional social media site and attracts lot of applicants. And why not, LinkedIn was created specifically build for fostering industry networking, collaboration and sharing information. The site is equally used to promote new job opportunities and help individuals with their career growth.

LinkedIn provides with an opportunity for promoting a job visible to people in specific industry. It also publicises the opportunity to targeted groups, thereby facilitating further good match to your profile.

Social Media Channel – Facebook

Facebook can be called as the social highway for the social opportunity sharing. Posting a job opening through your company’s fan-page can encourage your colleagues to post it through their personal account helping spread the word. It is also an opportunity to get a candidate from a trusted network of people. Facebook acts fairly well as a digital referral hiring! A powerful platform for endorsement.

Social Media Channel – Twitter

Twitter provides a great channel for announcing job openings and opportunities real time in the web world. Social recruiters are advised to tweet the job listing directly from the company’s Twitter social media account. Tweeting the job opportunity by including the @groupname. It would be a good idea to spread the job opportunity by including Universities, clubs, etc. in the tweets. The reach increases exponentially if it gets re-tweeted by these accounts enabling the tweets to be posted within their network. The trick here on Twitter is not just to build your own network but get them to post in their networks too. Even the sensible hashtags would be helpful to include the interested the community up to date of the opportunities

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