How to Reduce Sales Cycle By Selling to Inbound Leads

How to sell your product to the inbound leads to reduce the sales cycle

Businesses today are, increasingly, feeding their sales funnel with the inbound leads in an attempt to reduce the sales cycle. Inbound leads are generally looking out for a solution that your product/service provides.

Internet and information has empowered buyers of today. Inbound leads, in particular, are by default well educated on your product even before the sales process starts.

These leads are considered by far the better qualified leads and sales usually expects them to be closed soon. Marketers, however, have concerns about rate of the deal progression and their close rate. The root of this issue is that sales often treat inbound leads as same as the outbound leads.

When approaching the leads from inbound query, you cannot rely on your scripted sales pitch to engage them or sell your product. This is simply accredited to their knowledge they already have of your product. This knowledge also makes them more in control of the process and hence the question stays how do you approach them?

Keep a Consistent Sales Story

So What do you do?

This is usually the first question that is asked during the sales process.┬áThe answer to this question shouldn’t be what YOU think it is. Rather you should tell what others in your organisation think. Further on, create this in the story that would, in fact, define the inbound lead’s journey with your organisation.

Always remember – Everyone likes to hear a story. They fall in love with the story if they are the hero of the story. Make the story about them and their journey.

Ask Questions

Ask the questions – How, Why and What. These questions not only helps you knowing the problem but helps influence the behaviour of the lead towards you, your product and your company.

The Five Whys

Borrow the note from the children’s playbook. Just like a kid asks Why? Why? Why?… to everything until they get to the root of their question. However, do remember you needn’t say the Why question, but you would need to phrase the question that would help uncover the truth about the true need.

Don’t Talk but Make Them Talk 70% of the Time

Majority of the inbound buyers have more than just an agenda to buy the product and they are looking for someone to whom they can tell. They are looking for solutions and not hear a practised script.

As a salesperson, here is what you need to do –

  1. Resort to questioning the need versus telling them about the solution that you can offer
  2. Make sure the meeting favours the buyer’s time that he is spending

Selling on Call vs. Emails

Never attempt to sell through emails. Before I elaborate, take a minute and ask yourself how many emails do you receive in your inbox? How many of them do you open, read and act on it? Emails can also be considered by the buyer as a lazy way of dismissal. In addition, emails lack the emotive context. While one phone call would be appreciated the buyer as you choose to speak to him, listen to him, respond to his query and understand his need.

Give Them One Remarkable Thing

Make sure during your conversation you make them lean back in their chair and go like –

I hadn’t thought about it like that before

This would build their confidence and trust in you. The way you engage them will separate you from other salesperson!

How do you deal with inbound leads in your organisation? Do let me know.



Avani Lalka is an experienced marketer, and a writer in the field of new-age marketing and career development. She writes from her heart to make a difference in the lives of the people that follow her. Currently she is heading Account Based Marketing (ABM) in a popular Pune-based startup. Feel free to connect her as she welcomes new ideas and opportunities. Email: