Sample Resume Format That Should Never Be Used

Sample resume format that should never be used

Internet is full of sample resume format that should be used by an individual. There are rare ones who actually speak about what you should never used.

It is easy to find the sample resume format suitable for you. It is also easy to be lured and try to add everything together by taking bits and pieces from everywhere. As you would guessed it now, it is not healthy to do it that way.

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing the resume for your first job interview or updating your resume for the 11th time, there are certain things that you must avoid at all times.

Career Objective

Most sample resume format will start with a “Career Objective” at the top. I would say do not keep this section. Starting with your latest experience or your key skills will imoress your recruiter more than the slyly crafted Career Objective that was copy and rephrased by 10 more friends of yours.

Using Resume or CV as the header

As explained in the Do’s and Dont’s of Resume format, never use Resume or CV in your header. It just irritates the reader to scan through it unnecessarily.

Personal Details

It is a good practice to add your personal details such as permanent address, date of birth and contact details. But it is not at all alright to also add your blood group or gender. It doesn’t matter. Do not give unnecessary information about yourself. Also, while writing your address, do not write a 4-5 lines address. Try it keep it short till 2-3 sentences.

Email address

Now this is a little serious thing, guys. We know that we loved experimenting with email addresses in the 2000’s when we made our first email address. Do not use email addresses such as or for the professional purpose. Create an email address with your or similar format to make it easier and less embarrassing for the recruiter to type or say it out loud.

What’s the sample resume format that you are following? Do let me know.

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