Resume Template Used for First Job Interview

Resume template for your first job interview

Key to writing a great resume is have a mind blowing resume template in place.

Some say that the way to crack your first job interview is to have your recruiter impressed by your resume. We bring you this resume template to crack that first job interview.

We have already talked about the do’s and dont’s of the resume format that a fresher should consider while writing their resume. Here we bring you the resume template that would further help you create the resume that speaks your personality. Check out the points below –


The first thing a recruiter notices is the header – the top of your resume. Therefore, this is part from where the recruiter starts building an impression of you.

Your header should contain your full name, your major skill (designer, marketeer, developer,etc.) and your contact detail maybe. A better way to describe your skill would be to keep it close to the position you are applying for, example, Graphic Designer, Inbound Marketeer, Backend Developer, etc.

This lets the recruiter know that you are aware of your strengths and skills. Also, it says that you are a person of action and do not dilly-dally with words.


Since this is your first job you wouldn’t have any work experience to write about. This is where you can boast about the volunteer work you did in your school or college. You can also describe the internship you might have done or any freelance project.

Make sure you write this in the decreasing chronological order, meaning, the latest work should be written first and then move in the past.

Extra curricular activities

This section would  allow you to boast about your personality. If you have spent your time in school and college participating in debate, quizzes or playing sport religiously mention them about here.

It helps your future employer know you as a person and if you fit well in the company or his team at all.


Now achievements and extra curricular activities are inter related. If you have mentioned playing football as your activity and have also headed your school or college team into winning a football match, it would be good to mention this. This shows that you are team player and also that you are passionate about winning at things you pursue.

But very careful about the achievements that you mention here. Speaking about the drawing competition you won in 1st standard in your school  will not put you in the good light here.

What all did your first resume template comprised of? Let me know here. would love to know about it!

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