Sample Headline for Professional Resumes

Sample Resume headline for Professionals

The first thing a recruiter would see is your resume headline. Make it as enticing and relevant to your job role as possible.

In the article talking about sample format I have mentioned about resume headline shouldn’t be as Resume. This could really irritate the reader and could also create a bad first impression.

Your resume headline is like the cover of a book. We may not judge the book by its cover but we will for sure be attracted to it because of its cover. Therefore, getting your resume headline right is imperative. It’s crucial part to think about while writing it.

We, at Sharesume, have curated some of the best Resume headline that could help you with your own Resume. Following are some of them –

For the creative professionals

Believe it or not, creative lots are expected to have out of the world Resume not just with their experiences but the way you design too. I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that your job depends on how much your Resume/CV impresses your future employer.

Best resume heading and creative
Sample creative professional resume

Looking at the above Resume, one can say that the person who has created knows her job as an Illustrator.

Even if you are not a creative professional, and are opting for such resume it is important that you are careful about right from choosing the colour of the background to the font size, type and family. All these small things makes a lot of difference. Especially for your headline, it should stand in your Resume but shouldn’t at any cost be the odd man out.

Worst resume heading

Now this is a good resume on some levels but if we concentrate on the resume headline then it might be a good choice. The focus here goes on the person’s name. Now it would make sense  if you are a known person like Amitabh Bacchchan or Shah Rukh Khan but someone like Riddhi Shah, you might as well focus on your skills or contact details rather than the name.

For the technical professional

Now for a technical person it is necessary to show off their skill. Therefore do not go for a jazzy layout of your resume. Keep it simple as technical resume usually contain lot of data describing your projects and experiences.

technical resume heading and format

Now this is one technical resume that we loved the most. It is brief and covers the important aspects of your career and education.

If you are a developer then it would be a good idea to specifically mention in the headline whether you are a backend or frontend developer or full stack developer or mainframe developer. And if you are full stack then which stack do you work on – LAMP, MEAN, etc. Even as a backend, frontend or web which technology have you worked on.

If you are upfront mentioning your expertise and area of interest then it becomes easier for the recruiter to shortlist you and would take interest in going through your Resume in details. This would gain you brownie points.

At the end of it, present yourself as an individual through your Resume headline and not just someone in the crowd of the Artists or Developers or Technical Engineer.

Do you have any example of a Resume that has worked wonders for you? Share with us in the comments below

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