Resume Format Do’s and Dont’s for Freshers

resume format do's and dont's for freshers

One of the most difficult tasks for a fresher is getting their resume format right! It becomes more tedious with no universal resume format in place.

For anything that’s done for first time, it’s always easier if there are set guidelines in place. We know the problem that a fresher goes through while building their first resume with no set formula. In order to help make this task easier we have some do’s and dont’s of resume format in place that will be useful for the ones writing their resume for the first time.

Page length

The reason I kept this as the first point is because this is where your employer creates the first impression of you.

DO NOT let your resume exceed more than 2 pages. Most recruiters/employers scan through your resume the first time they see it. Making them flip pages or scroll endlessly will just irk them.

Ideally, for a fresher, resume should be 1 to 1.5 page.

Difference between Resume and CV

This is another mistake that a fresher does with their Resume – considering Resume and CV (Curriculum Vitae) as same.

Resume is BRIEF summary of your skills and experience. While, CV is a more detailed one. You can stretch your CV to more than 2 pages but your Resume should only be 1 or 2 pages.

Keeping heading as Resume or CV

Most of us are guilty of doing this mistake. But this is a strict No-No.

The reader knows the paper he is holding, is a Resume or CV. DO NOT repeat it as a header.

Same goes for file name. DO NOT name your file as XYZ-resume.pdf or ABC-CV.pdf

A better heading could be “John Smith – Graphic Designer” like the one shown below –

Resume format heading that works for the employers

Such heading will tell the employer about your skills and the position you are applying for. A great way to create first good impression on your future employer, isn’t it?

Similarly, smart thing to do will be to name your digital file as John-Smith-Graphic-Designer.pdf

Sending Word File (.doc, .docx, etc.) as an attachment

Did you notice the examples of file name in the point above? I have used .pdf as the extension and not the .doc file extension.

A badly formatted resume can be sore to the eyes of the recruiter and can even get a deserving resume rejected. It’s a no-brainer that there are more chances of your formatting getting disturbed in a DOC file than in PDF. Many things can go wrong. It could be as small as spacing between the words to font difference to missing content.

That’s why sending a PDF version is the best and safest bet you can put while sharing the digital copy of your resume. Also PDF version ensures that the printout is same as you have built the resume.

Thus, avoid sending or printing the resume from a DOC file. Always keep a PDF copy saved for your perusal.

Is there any other formula that I have missed here? Let me know in the comment below.

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