Now that we have exploited natural resources in the name of Industrial Revolution, we are trying to salvage it by going green. Managing waste is one of the major concerns. In the wake of it, some entrepreneurs like the ones from TiGO are coming up with innovative and yet simple ways to create an ecosystem to enable waste management.

Last few years, have been about going green and caring about the environment. TiGO (Trust in Green -Only), a Pune-based startup is helping cities to dispose its dry waste the right way. Sourav Patwari, co-founder of TiGO explains his startup,

TiGO (Trust in Green Only), is trying to be the Agent of Change by promoting awareness, breeding consideration and creating decisive solutions towards waste management.

Know the team and their inspiration behind TiGO

Founded in October 2015, TiGO is bootstrapped and the four co-founders contributed in the initial funding to run the pilot and setting up the operations. The core team have years of experience and expertise in operations and process re-engineering, digital marketing, finance, and engineering with cross platform expertise.

Sourav feels that it was the Domino effect of Deonar Dumping Ground fire, reports of poor air quality in Chembur and that Ghazipur landfill in east Delhi is now a ticking time bomb which led to the birth of TiGO. Sourav tells the last domino was PM Narendra Modi’s reference to need for change in the mindset and attitude towards cleanliness during the launch of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. TiGO is trying to be the agent of change and it reflects in the founders’ vision too. Sourav states their vision as,

To make recycling a habit of every individual in India by rewarding their contribution towards the society and environment.

How it works

TiGO offers an on-demand door to door dry waste or recyclables pick-up service. All one needs to do is book a pickup on their website. On the scheduled day and with prior permission, one of TiGO’s boy pays a visit to collect the dry waste or recyclables.

TiGO is one stop solution for recycling all major dry wastes such as paper, plastic, clothes, metal and e-waste. The team ensures transparency by pre-publishing the rates of the waste materials on their website which is in-sync with the market price, using digital weight machines and by having an app-based billing.

Individuals, societies, hospitals, corporate, schools and even hostels can exchange their recyclables for cash, Paytm, plant a tree or donate for a cause.

TiGO's process of waste management

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The 3R Principle

Team TiGO believes that recycling and reuse are the only alternatives to reduce waste generation along with providing incentives. There is an incessant need to properly channelize segregated waste from the producer to the end recyclers. This simple solution is two pronged:

  1. Incentivize individuals, groups and organizations to segregate their waste & conveniently opt for recycling
  2. Give them a thoroughly delightful experience that they vouch for TiGO

Thus, following the principle of 3R’s – Recycle, Reuse & Reward.

What’s coming up?

TiGO is at present serving only in parts of Pune and the service is made available only on the weekends. On being asked about their plan ahead, Sourav confidently says,

Our immediate focus is to make the business model self-sustaining and then expand to other hyper-localities in Pune.

Regarding expanding to other cities, Sourav is counting on their operational efficiency to target achievements at high volumes. And in order to facilitate their fast-track growth trajectory, TiGO is actively looking for seed funding and mentorship.

Waste Management Industry

Waste is just a contextual term because someone’s vice is another’s virtue.

A waste output for us might be an input for another industry. The circular flow of waste exists but the prevalent system tends to keep the value confined to very few people. The true value of the waste is invisible to the originator. There is significant margin in this unorganized sector which desperately needs a professional approach. This is what TiGO aims to bring in this segment.

Although, TiGO has competition from scrap dealers who have been into existence since ages. Sourav is confident of the way they are defining the waste management ecosystem. The team’s focus is great customer experience, trust, convenience and reliability. They are optimistic of their offerings. Plus, they have the advantage of being the first movers in India and are counting on exploiting this window of opportunity to the fullest.

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