Fast rising lifestyle-based diseases due to unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle of the work-force is costing businesses a fortune. It is known that, in Indian cities, one among four people die early due to non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardio-vascular ailments and cancer.

Companies are all the more concerned as poor health directly affects the productivity of their employees. And exercising, as anybody would confess, is boring and needs a lot of motivation and willpower. Smita Jirgale (founder and CEO) Tushar Khairnar (co-founder and CTO) and their team of highly qualified techies started building workout.CASH, a fitness gamification platform for enterprises to build a healthy and happy work-force. The team at workout.CASH believes that gamification is the key to motivating employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Smita describes workout.CASH in very simple words,

workout.CASH is a one of its kind platform to give users instant rewards/gratification and uses team dynamics to motivate users to take steps towards a healthy lifestyle. After all HEALTHY is the new HAPPY!

The team and how they started

Founded in August 2015, workout.CASH, is an angel-funded Pune-based startup with currently 8 team members and 3 advisors. Their core team has a vast experience in building mobile applications and enterprise software. Smita, ex-Persistent Systems, has 14 years of experience. Tushar, ex-VMWare, has 11+ years of experience. They also have renown athlete Kaustubh Radkar (13 times IronMan champion) and Vishwesh Jirgale, ex-Quickoffice (acquired by Google), ex-Acompli (acquired by Micorosoft), mobility expert, on their advisory board. They are willing to expand their team now. You can learn more about the team here

Smita understands the challenges of having a healthy work-force really well. On asking what is the pain-point that workout.CASH addresses, she replies instantly,

Motivation! The major problem, workout.CASH, addresses is motivation. Though there are tons of solutions available to track / motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyle, none of them are sticky enough. Enterprises still do not have a single platform to address the fitness needs of their employees.

The product and its features

With workout.CASH, the team plans to create a platform to enable enterprises to motivate their employees in adopting a healthy lifestyle by using gamification and real-world rewards. workout.CASH also organizes offline fitness workshops for companies, which improves employee participation. Smita, reveals that they are partnering with various hyper local as well as global brands to give brand-powered rewards to individuals on attaining their fitness goals.

Using workout.CASH is very simple. There is a web-based dashboard for enterprises, to be used by the person deploying and taking care of the program in the company (generally someone from the Human Resource Department). For employees there is an iOS and an Android app. workout.CASH focuses on having a good UI and UX to keep people excited about using the product.

workout.CASH empowers employees with mobile apps that can motivate them to take the right steps towards a healthy lifestyle in a fun and rewarding way. The team makes sure they make the right brand connections by offering real-world rewards to employees on their achievements.

workout.CASH app is available in both Android and iOS
workout.CASH app is available in both Android and iOS

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In the coming days

workout.CASH now plans to scale and deploy their product at various enterprises (tech as well as non-tech companies). They are integrating workout.CASH with more than 20 brands to offer a variety of rewards to the end users.

Here is what Smita visions with workout.CASH:

We want to create a comprehensive platform for enterprises to manage all their employee fitness and healthcare needs, including insurance

It has only been 6 months since the team started building the product and they already have about 15 enterprises as clients who are preparing for deployment, starting in June/July 2016. Early adopters include Plobal Apps, Digiwale and few other small companies.

The heath-tech segment

Corporate Health is becoming very important for both small and large companies, today.  From various studies conducted across the globe, results clearly demonstrate that healthy, happy and motivated employees are highly productive, gives great ROI and are more loyal towards their employers. Smita has researched this segment extensively and here is what she has to say:

Fitness and wellness is more than $2 billion industry. India is gearing up for this industry and many enterprises have started paying serious attention to their employees’ fitness

According to Smita, so far there are very few players in the corporate health-tech segment and there is a lot of scope for entrepreneurs to innovate. VirginPulse, owned by Richard Branson‘s Virgin Group is one of their global competitors. VirginPulse targets very high premium segment and is yet to enter into the Indian market.

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