In early 2016, Shwetang R. D., Shreyas Shenoy, and Vrunda Karmarkar, started building GoPlayr, a marketplace for fitness enthusiasts and people willing to take up fitness activities to be able to find all available options around them and make an informed decision.


Their idea is to make all outdoor activities & Fitness alternatives available to people who are seeking them. Gyms, yoga, and aerobics are commonly found but not the more engaging outdoor activities. According to Shwetang, today there is no easy way to rent a sporting venue. Online visibility is low and all information is not found at one place to users. Even connecting with other players is not easy. People are limited to their friends & family for engaging in any fitness activities. One cannot really find good players and learn about their skills and their availability easily. With GoPlayr, the team wants to change this for all.

The story behind GoPlayr

The founders were tired of the difficulties involved in finding a player to play anything due to mismatch of skills, timing, et al. Shwetang says,

One day, we decided of developing something which could encourage people to participate more in outdoor activities. The idea came out of our own problem.

Product and its users

GoPlayr in simple words is a marketplace for sports, fitness & wellness activities. They have designed it for working professionals, students, sports & fitness venue owners, trainers, coaches & activity operators.

Users simply have to log on to our web or mobile app using facebook or google & find sports & fitness venues which they can rent on pay per use basis or subscribe for monthly/quarterly subscriptions.

On GoPlayr, Users can host their own match in any sport and send push invitation to other users on Google maps to join them. Users can also discover authentic outdoor activities to engage in offered by some local vendors anytime they want.

Check out their video:

GoPlayr vision

In Shwetang’s words, here is their vision with GoPlayr,

To be the preferred outdoor activity service provider for individuals and companies.


At the time of writing this article their android app had 1500+ downloads. They are fast gaining traction. Their app-store rating is 4.4, which is appreciable.

The team

GoPlayr is now 15 people strong. They collectively have expertise in technology, products, marketing & sales. The team is looking to expand their team and are on a look out for enthusiastic professionals to join them in marketing & sales.

Try out GoPlayr and share your feedback for Shwetang and his team in the comments below.

The sector

According to Shwetang there are a couple of other players in this market such as Athletto, Cleartrip activities, PlayO, and OyePlay. There is no single player with majority of the market share but Cleartrip has a natural advantage of being a popular name and experience of building technologies required for such products.

Visit GoPlayr and share your feedabck for the founders about their service in the comments below

Try out GoPlayr on Android and share your feedback for Shwetang and his team in the comments below.



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