Promotion will knock on your door if you have these personality traits

personality traits that will get you promotion

Getting a promotion or rather moving up the ladder is the single most thing that we all crave for in our career.

Getting a promotion means new responsibilities hence a change of upgrading your skills too. It also means a raise in the salary. Since you are becoming an important resource to the organisation, managers are very careful of choosing their candidates.

The process of identifying HiPots (High Potentials) in the company is what managers look for while deciding the promotions. However, the fact remains that “You don’t BECOME a HiPot rather you ARE a HiPot”. A study conducted has shown that managers look for below personality traits in the HiPot before considering them for a promotion.

People person

If you are someone who is liked by your colleagues and clients equally chances are your manager knows it. This quality in a person makes him a great team leader as he knows how to get along with others. In turn, other people also find him enjoyable around them.


To be at higher level means knowing the art of delegation. This trait is important as it is crucial to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team. If you are good at delegating the right job to right person, chances of your team not meeting the deadline is rare. A good leader is always good delegator as it sorts most of the problem that is caused in the team for meeting deadlines

Decision making

The leader needs to be confident of his decisions. In a strategy-based role being decisive and ability to take quick and effective decisions/directions make you a great fit.

Ethical person

Ethics and integrity is one trait that needs to be integral to part of an employee irrespective of his position. It gives the top management the confidence that no matter what the situation you will not be compromising on your morals to get ahead in the line.

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With time and technology the companies are getting stricter with identifying talents using tools and measures that help them get the right person. You may or may not be ready for the promotions now, but these traits are surely going to get you ahead in the game. Be a leader and not a boss. Good luck!

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