Popular career options after Engineering are MBA, Photographer or Innovator. Do you agree?

popular career options after engineering

Aamir Khan starrer movie 3 idiots could be the reason why MBA, Photographer or Innovator are considered as popular career options after doing Engineering.

It was year 2009 and 2nd year of my Engineering when 3 Idiots had hit the theatres. The movie did great to the point that they had shows as early as 6 AM in and the theatres were selling free tea and Parle G to the patrons. The movie however made MBA, Photographer or Innovator as a popular career options after Engineering. Or at least gave students to think about it as a popular career options after 4 years of Engineering.

We all know the plot of the movie and what it is about. I just want you to remember the movie and recollect the Gadha, the one to whom Kareena Kapoor’s character was to get almost-married. Twice.

Ranchoo, calls him a Gadha for pursuing MBA after his Engineering and then working in a bank in USA. While towards the end we see the 3 idiots pursuing what they dream about and they were doing great in their and achieving their goals.

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Fast forward to my first interview. The first question I was asked after my interviewer saw my resume (and I am still asked this question often) – Why did I do MBA after my Engineering? It was at that moment when I really thought about it. And to my dismay I didn’t have a convincing answer even to myself!

Accept it or not, 80% of Engineers who are in the MBA class have the same thought but no one accepts it or acknowledges the fact. Talking about your career and goals is sometimes treated as the Elephant in the room. Below lines could summarise the 70% of Engineering student population –

4 years of Engineering in most cases is treated as the Sabbatical for the student to figure what they want to do in the next 4 years of their life!

So although the movie focuses far too much on the Idiots, but its the life of Suhas that we are living rather than the one of Ranchoo, Farhanitrate or Prerajulisation.

The question then here is how not to be a Gadha and be an Idiot instead? Or can we say that Suhas was the 4th Idiot given the choices he made in his career?

More often than not we follow the path of our seniors or the ones advised by our parents (I have been guilty of doing the same). But they are not right, always.

Have you ever had a Ranchoo moment in your life which change the course of your career? Do share your story with us in the comment below. We would love to hear about it.

If you are going to face a telephonic interview soon, maybe you give this article a read first before attending the call.



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