Performance review can mean more than just promotions or raise in the salary

Performance review can be more than just promotions and rewards

The time of performance review is upon us and this is the right time to turn this time to your advantage

In the changing and challenging economy, companies are trying use all the resources to the best. They have realised that they can performance review as a tool to evaluate their professionals, especially their HiPots (High Potential employees) to maximise their impact on the business.

Knowing this fact it’s up to the HiPots now to create an opportunity for themselves. Here is how they can turn this performance review to their advantage:

Use this opportunity to set new goals and get new responsibilities that helps you upgrade your skill

Research on the opportunity open for promotion

If there is a resource where you can check the open positions with their detailed description, spent time on going through it. Be sure to bring this up with your manager at the time of the review.

Keeping a list ready with the reasons you are suitable for the job will only add to your cause. So go and retrospect on the last year and pull out all the good deeds you did in the year. Documenting it would be the next sensible step for the upcoming review.

Set goals for the next year

A good quality of a leader is that he first sets goal and then focuses all his energy in achieving them. Set some relevant professional goals and discuss it with your manager. Keeping him informed of this would help him evaluate you whether you are ready to the next level or not.

 Open dialogue

This is my personal favourite. Have a heart to heart talk with your manager. There is nothing that a open dialogue couldn’t solve or rather bring out solutions. It will also help your manager know that you are interested to achieve higher goals.

I hope these tips will be helpful to you and that it would help turn the opportunity around for you. However, do remember your manager does know whether you are ready for the promotion now or it would take a year longer. Don’t be disheartened by it rather take it as a good sign and ask for training and skill upgrading programs that you can join to help you achieve the desired skills.

If you have had any performance review experience that you want to share with others do let us know in the comments. Who knows someone would benefit from it.

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