How Can Newsjacking Help You With Content Marketing

How can newsjacking help in your content marketing

How can newsjacking help you with content marketing? Newsjacking is a way that can help content marketers with grabbing attention for their brands.

The downside of having information available so easily is the need to stay updated too with the information flowing. Content marketers struggle to stay ultra-relevant and up to speed of the changing times. Newsjacking is a great way to grab attention, if executed well and in timely fashion.

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What is Newsjacking?

So what is this newsjacking that everyone has been talking about? To define it, newsjacking is a process to inject your brand in the daily news. The trick is to create a twist to the news that is fresh and breaking, and plugging in your brand to grab eyeballs. The idea is to grab eyes when they are open widest by the ongoing daily news.

Newsjacking is not a new thing. PR and journalists have been using it for years now. However, content marketers have recently being using the opportunity to turn news to their advantage. And many brands are already doing it. Take for ex, Paytm who leveraged Demonetisation news to make people use them. Or when KitKat jacked the launch of iPhone6 Plus.

KitKat newsjack the launch of the iPhone6 Plus
KitKat and iPhone 6 Plus flexibility!

Or when Dunkin Donuts used the color of the dress dilemma that was breaking the internet to bring up new flavors to their donuts.

Dunkin Donut as The Dress!

The dress went so viral that there is a wiki page for the whole incident by the name ‘The Dress

Benefits of Newsjacking

  • Boost your SEO and your ranking
  • Engaging readers with their timely comments
  • Sharing a new angle for branded content ideas
  • Leading your market in thought leadership

Best Practices to Follow For Newsjacking

Stay Tuned

The foremost thing you as a content marketer needs to do is stay tuned and be picky about the news. For this, you need to know what is going on in the world. You can pick the outlets that is relevant to your audience and follow its news. However, before you newsjack the story, make sure to check the sanctity of the story through various sources.

Be very discerning

Be sensitive to the news and the story while newsjacking. You need not newsjack every news. The brand’s reputation can go downhill if you are not careful with the kind of story you jack. For ex, death of a celebrity or a natural disaster is not something that you should take advantage of.

Act Fast

It goes without saying that time is of the essence here. Because if you are scouring the news channels and internet so are other content marketers. To gain the maximum traction, hop on the relevant news as soon as you can.

Include Keywords

One of the benefits of newsjacking as stated before is SEO. So while creating content do not miss on using the right keyword in order to not only reach to maximum audience but also to be able improve your search ranking.

Have you ever tried newsjacking in your content marketing? Let me know how it worked well. Would love to know about them.



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