These Warning Signs Confirms That You Need a New Job

Need new job? Warning signs that confirm to change the job

Do you always feel that you need a new job? If you are continuously asking yourself this question or see any of these signs repeating, maybe its time for a lookout of new job!

Many a times we keep prolonging writing the resignation letter or trying an alternative career options. This is mainly because of fear of taking the wrong step, hence we do not accept that we need new job. At times we are just too comfortable in our current job to step out. However, delaying too long can be detrimental to you, your career growth and to others as well.

So when is the best time to search for new job? Well, there is none. In fact, it’s advisable to always keep looking for better and more opportunity. We have identified these warning signs for you that are clear indication that you need new job. Now!

Complaints to everyone

Is your every evening or weekend spent on complaining to your friend or relative about the workload in office that awaits your desk or your boss who keeps targeting you for all his faults?

If you are nodding your head or thinking of last night then this is the first sign that you need new job.

Need new job complaints to everyone
Need new job complaints to everyone!

Disrupted sleep pattern

Do you wake up in the middle of night thinking of the next day work that awaits you? Or have nightmares about the paperwork mountain on your desk? Is the stress at work keeping you up till late night? If you are going through this situation then maybe it’s time to analyse or reconsider your job.

Monday Blues and Friday Thrills

Does your Monday start with a thought of extra Sunday? Or if you are already thinking of how you are going to celebrate the Friday evening then maybe its time to take a break and then of the work that will keep these thoughts away and focused on your work at hand

You are always bored

Are you tempted to check your facebook feed every hour at your work even if you are to meet the deadline? Or you feel that clearing this level of Candy Crush is more important than the Presentation that you were preparing? If that’s the case then its high time you either quit the job and really think about getting new job!

What are the next steps?

If you are going through this situation, the best thing to do is to quit. Do not take this sign as a way of quitting but as an opportunity to go for something where your passion lies. This will eventually make you successful and you will never see these signs again. And if you do, then you would know for sure of what to do.

What did you do when you saw these warning signs? Let me know in the comment below

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