Mumbai based startup Mapping Journeys making travel a raw experience

We have heard all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! But what if the play is work and work is play?

Mumbai based startup Mapping Journeys making travel raw experience
Mumbai based startup Mapping Journeys making travel raw experience

Ever heard “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? But that does not hold true if play is work and work is play? That is what Mumbai’s Mapping Journeys prove!

Veeral Raj, Sneha Phalle, Devendra Mestry and Ankita Phalle – 4 individuals had their professional life sorted out but felt they were missing something. The experience gained inside the cubicle wasn’t enough for them. In fact as Veeral says,

Like most people, we were suffocated in our small cubicles. Our want of experiencing the world around us led to us wandering all the time.

This was how Mapping Journeys was born. As the name suggests, they aim to map many journeys across various lands and let them be ours to explore. They claim that their every trip is designed to experience travel in its very raw and passionate form! They do not just travel, they explore and map the journeys.

How are Journeys Mapped

Facebook is their main source of getting the audience. Up until now they have had participants as young as a 6 year old and as elderly as 60 years old.

They offer both one day trips and long trips. Their most popular destination are the one-day or overnight treks in Maharashtra, Leh – Ladakh, recently they even had a Spiti Valley and Manali camps.

They even offer corporate trips and customized trips for family. After all their vision is to,

To make raw exploration a very acceptable form of travel and encourage everyone to venture more outside their cubicle.

Also, for every trip they take out, safety of the participants is their utmost priority. Before every adventure camp/trip the team visits the place (before the actual trip) and makes sure it is safe and the participants are able to enjoy the adventure and live it raw.

Meet the Team

Mapping Journeys (or MJ as they love to call it) was founded in April 2014 by 4 co-founders.

  • Veeral Raj, B.E. (IT) graduate and who in his own words is a traveller by choice. He is the event manager for Mapping Journeys.
  • Sneha Phalle, an MBA, a teacher and a dancer, she is the marketing person for Mapping Journeys.
  • Devendra Mestry, B.E. (Computer) graduate, is the guy who looks after all the on-field work of Mapping Journeys. Be it making sure that food is in place or that all the participants have an MJ experience during the trip.
  • Ankita Phalle, a teacher by profession, she makes sure that all the accounts and books of Mapping Journeys are up to date!

Travel Industry

Travel industry have suddenly seen a boom in India. As more and more people are wanting an escape from the daily life, more startups are becoming live to create a better experience for all the travelers and explorers out there.

The segment is very competitive and difficult to survive if you have nothing new to offer, says Veeral of MJ

Having helped 5,000 people map their journeys, they are happy to see that all their events pull in crowd that are both new and repeated enthusiasts wanting to experience the raw travel that MJ provides with. Moving forward they plan to shift from one day events to long trips.

If you are looking for some adventure or planning just a leisure trip be sure to check out their event schedule on their website

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