Mumbai based Hireavilla will make your next vacation hassle-free

Wouldn't it be great if you were planning a vacation and you are told, "You need not worry about the management. Simply have fun." That is the idea behind Hireavilla — to provide Villas along with the basic necessities required on a vacation.


Wouldn’t it be great if you were planning a vacation and you are told, “You need not worry about the management. Simply have fun.” That is the idea behind Hireavilla — to provide Villas along with the basic necessities required on a vacation.


Saagar Panchal, co-founder and CEO of Hirevilla, believes that when it comes to planning a vacation, the first thing we all do is check out destinations, attractions around them and finally zero down to hotels. There are zillions of options available for hotels, starting with big rooms, small rooms, deluxe, super deluxe, and the list just goes on. This process also involves evaluating the services provided and amenities available in those hotels. In short, your planning in selecting the hotel alone involves a lot of permutation and combination. You start wondering, ‘Am I going on a vacation or giving an aptitude test’.

Started by Saagar Panchal (B.Tech.), Karan Pendhari (pursuing B.E.) and Omkaresh Parab, Hireavilla wants you to experience a vacation without any math. Hireavilla wants to provide you with a scenic location, panoramic mountain views, private pool, multiple deluxe rooms, courteous staff, great food and fabulous music. In Saagar’s words,

“Leave the planning to Hireavilla and enjoy your vacation 100%.”

The story behind Hireavilla

Saagar narrates his story of starting Hireavilla,

“Last year when I and my friends went on a vacation, we had booked a villa. But it was very difficult for us to arrange other things such as food, transport etc. So we decided to start a service which can provide all frequently needed services under one roof. That is what Hireavilla is all about.”

How can one use their service?

Hireavilla is a villa rental startup that provides luxury villas on rent according to your requirements and comfort. Hireavilla positions itself as a one stop shop for all villa vacation planning needs. It comes with a promise of comfortable stay.

To avail the service one can see all the information about the listed villas on their website and give them a call to discuss your plan. Thereon the management of your vacation will be taken care by Hireavilla team.

Saagar adds,

“The villas listed on our website are one of its kind, equipped with all the necessary amenities and resources needed for a comfortable and memorable vacation.”

Check out the video of Villa Nine listed on Hireavilla

The team’s vision

Saagar says that their vision is to provide a standard experience to vacationers and take their worries away.

Key statistics so far

The team started the model in April 2016, and in the first 5 months they have collaborated with more than 25 villas in Lonavala. According to Saagar, over 150 nights have been booked with Hireavilla between June and july 2016.

Hireavilla’s Elevator Pitch

“We are a villa rental startup which aims to provide a certain standard experience on each of our villas. Our goal is to provide a complete villa vacation by handling all the hassle for our customers right from villa selection, food, travel options to arranging parties by ourselves.”

The sector

According to Saagar The Weekend Plan is another player in this market featuring villas in Maharashtra and North Goa. As of now, there aren’t many players with this model. Villa renting has been happening since a very long time but the industry is very fragmented with every villa owner operating independently.

According to Sharesume, this model is not absolutely new as Oyo is already doing it for hotels. But it would be interesting to see a similar model in vacation villa space. We would call the model as the Oyo of villas. It has a great upside but these startups will have to create a trust-worthy brand that people will be ready to rely on. Renting-a-villa is a niche market and the providers may want to consider widening their portfolio eventually to get a mass appeal to the whole business.

Saagar and his team from Hireavilla would love to get your feedback in the comments below.


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