LinkedIn Pulse hacked: 6 things to do to get featured in LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is fast becoming a useful and popular self-publishing platform for authors. It is a great medium for an author to reach out to thousands of readers in business.

6 things to do to get featured in LinkedIn Pulse tags
6 things to do to get featured in LinkedIn Pulse tags

LinkedIn Pulse is fast becoming a useful and popular self-publishing platform for authors. It is a great medium for an author to reach out to thousands of readers in business.

[signinlocker]The how and when you use the LinkedIn pulse completely depends on your business objectives. Because it is just not about publishing what you have written, but also about getting identified by the right audience. The post on LinkedIn Pulse helps you get recognized beyond your connections. And if used correctly can help build great brand recognition for your business.

The key to this is getting featured under one of the tags of LinkedIn Pulse. This would get your article the visibility of everyone who (1) follows the tag and (2) is browsing  through LinkedIn Pulse. It will be displayed at the top of the LinkedIn Pulse article list for the tag, in addition it will also be displayed in their timelines as a Trending Topic.

For those who want to make maximum impact of their articles using LinkedIn Pulse, here are 6 definite things to do to get featured in one of LinkedIn Pulse tags.

#6: Time and day of publishing

Time and day of publishing your article goes a long way in getting the visibility and the reach to your audience. My experience says that Wednesday morning is a good time to publish.

  • Publishing your article early morning gives it a good 12-hour uninterrupted day to show its magic
  • Publishing in the middle of the week helps to get maximum attention as Mondays are very hectic for most professionals and Fridays bring in the party mood to most. Wednesday is that sweet spot when people have a little free time and are thinking business at the same time

#5: Title should evoke reader’s curiosity

Title should include something people easily relate to or something popular. There should be a factor that evokes curiosity among people who read the title. Keeping the title short gets more people to actually read it.

Here are some curious title on LinkedIn Pulse that I found:

#4: Using relevant tags

Given the fact that LinkedIn Pulse allows you to use only 3 tags, you will want to put in tags that are very commonly followed, for example, Entrepreneurship, Startups, etc. But I would suggest you: DO NOT DO THAT. Instead go for the niche. There is a lot of competition for the common tags, but little for the niches. More importantly choose a highly related tag if you want to get featured.

#3: Use a unique Cover Image

Use a unique, self-captured or self-designed image than picking up something from Google. This may be evaluated by LinkedIn while considering your post for one of the publication tags. Give the credit to the maker of the image if it wasn’t made by you. LinkedIn appreciates that.

To make it more convincing, add a related image in the article that helps understanding the context of the article better. Try and include something popular in the image that people instantly recognize. Example, a brand logo.[/signinlocker]


#2: Add back links to external websites

Adding links of various sources of information referred in your article helps you gain credibility that the information is genuine and not something made up or stolen.

#1: Create a dialogue in your article

Keep it a two way communication. Ask questions to your readers to engage them. Do not make your article a monologue, rather invoke their thoughts and ideas about the topic. This may have little effect on getting published. But it is very essential for getting the best returns out of the article once it gets published.[/sociallocker]

Have any other hacks that worked for you on LinkedIn Pulse? Share it with us in the comments below.

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