Job application email essentials that will get you your next job

A job application email is also a cold email. And just like any other cold email, your job application email has a high probability of getting ignored.

Job application email

A job application email is also a cold email. And just like any other cold email, your job application email has a high probability of getting ignored.

Cold emails are unexpected emails from an unknown person. And that’s why your job application email is also a cold email in most pf the cases. Cold emails are like you trying to grab a celebrity’s attention in a party to start a conversation.

Your job application will start with a cold email. And it will decide whether you would get the first round of telephonic interview or Skype interview or not. That’s why it becomes really important that you plan your job application email, specially the subject line, well before you send it out. As it is the matter of your dream job.

Here are few tricks that can help you land your job application email in inbox and not in the spam.

Job application email

Know the person to contact

If you can get this right, your half battle is won. Once you know the right person it becomes easier to take out information and structure your job application email in a way that the person would want to take it to the next level.

This would also help you in finding the referral for the job.

Use the right jargon in the email

Make sure you know about the jargon that are used in the industry you are applying specifically in the role you are applying for. Using the right jargon helps know the employer that you know what you are getting into.

Mention the role you are applying for in the subject line

This would ensure that the person you are writing to knows the purpose you are contacting him. Setting the context right means you have the attention of the reader. It would also show as a person who is clear about his objectives.

Do not talk about your past experience in the job application email

The objective of the job application email is to get you through the first round and meeting the person. You can keep the talk about your experience when you meet them personally. Right now you need to make sure that you get one call or meeting with them.

End the job application email with a call to action

Telling the employer that you are available for a meeting at so and so date and time would show your interest. And it also saves him time to check his calendar. This ensures that there is no back and forth in setting the meeting and you get the meet.

The next time you are writing a cold email to prospective employer make sure you follow these tips. Would love to know if this helps you.

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