It is just time resumes be standardized

It is just time resumes be standardized
It is just time resumes be standardized

Mission Standardizing Resumes. Today I took the first step towards it. The product idea came to me several years ago. All this time I was waiting for someone to make it and then I can use it. But almost a year ago I went to believe that it is high time now. If no one else then I will build this one.

From then till now I have spent all my extra time outside work and on work learning about the resume market, the need, the challenges, and kept polishing the idea and the plan to make it successful. And finally, today, I began with owning the domain name.

The problem that resume formats are not standard began some 8 years ago when I was passing out of my 12th grade. I tried making my first resume for my first interview of my first job. Many firsts, so of course I had to start preparing my resume from the scratch. I Googled to find a few samples, all gave varied ideas. After several iterations I had a decent one prepared in large Arial font and trying to cover the entire page with all sorts of worthless information such as ‘Career Objective’ and ‘Hobbies’. I didn’t remember it but I was laughing at myself when I recently found a copy of it in some old paper folders.

The next year I went on to do graduation and after passing out from there, had to appear for another interview. Back to basics. Google. Try. Iterate. This time I had learnt about PDF. So I converted it into PDF and sent it out to employers, mostly recruiters. I was also informed in advance to carry a paper copy of my resume for the interview. I wondered why do they ask for the resume in email if a paper copy was all that they had to resort to. the interview didn’t quite go well. I got the role but the pay was way too low for what I thought I deserved. No issue. I went on to do MBA in Marketing. Marketing because I could not relate to any other specialization offered at the institute. While at the interview for admission. The resume came back to action. Now, I had stopped googling. Only iterate. Convert to PDF. Send emails. Print and carry a paper copy to the interview. It went great. The next two years I spent learning the history of Marketing. It is mostly irrelevant today, I learnt in my internships and jobs after MBA. Oh ya, internships. Which means, let’s call our buddy resume back. I did internships in varied organizations. One in media, one in research, one in a fin-tech startup, and the final one in a large multinational. My resume was changing like a chameleon changes its color with every organization to make it look relevant to their dynamics. In my final one, the multinational, I did send a resume through email, and since it was the year 2014, I thought carrying a paper copy would be preposterous. Just for a backup, I was carrying one digital copy in a pen-drive and a public link of the file in Dropbox. I almost lost that internship and got dirty looks from the recruiter during the interview. It was only after seeing some of the suggestions that I had sent that night with regards to their marketing campaign that she considered to talk to me again. Phew!

Last few months of college, and came the placement season. Resume was all around. All my classmates cared more about their resume content than their interviews. I found that a bit stupid but my research on resume formats in the last one year helped me understand their psychology very well. Anyway. I did spend some time on my resume. Updating with internships and taking a paper copy. And landed to a job. A good one. The interview went on for an hour and we spent the initial 15 minutes talking about things mentioned in my resume.

One thing has been common all these years — either my resume or the “tell me about yourself?” question was always a starting point of conversations. Mostly it was my resume. I did a pretty good job at intriguing them with the format, and content. I am a not guy who takes bu**hit, and that reflected in my resume. Last year I also moved into a startup that is building a product for employers to discover and hire talent, just to learn the industry a bit closely and commercially. One of the surveys that we carried out was, “Do startups see resumes or LinkedIn profile as the starting point of the hiring process?” I always knew more than 95% of the large-established-MNCs prefer resumes, but I was surprised to find that more than 70% of the startups prefer resumes too.

Till now all signs are positive for my decision to make a product that will standardize the age old resume. Let me know your thoughts. Would love to hear your critical evaluation of the idea.

I am in search of tech engineers who have the ability to contribute in the building of this amazing product and who have the willingness to make a world class product that will touch a billion lives. In search of Angel investors who have experience in building a tech product from scratch and is willing to join hands in solving the problem of resume. Let us standardize it. Contact me on #SharesuméSharehappiness





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