Internship Resume Format That Can Help You Get the Desired Role

internship resume format that can help get you desired role

One thing that scares a college student more than vivas and exams is their internship. That’s why writing an impressive internship resume is essential.

Bagging a good internship is a dream of every college student. The internship not only helps with giving the needed exposure in the real world but it also increases the chance of converting the internship into a full time job. That’s why having the right internship resume is important.

I have previously discussed the resume template that one can use during their first job interview. This article can help you get your template right for your internship resume.

Now the hard part is what to include and what not to include in your resume.

Career Objective

I am generally against writing a career objective in a resume but for internship a career objective is needed as you want to set the objective behind getting the internship in the said company right.

So instead of using cliche sentences like “Looking for an innovative and challenging environment that can fully utilize my capability and provide me an opportunity to keep pace with the demanding efficiency and where challenges are transformed into opportunity and opportunities into success.”

Instead of writing a career objective I suggest to write your aspiration. It is also alright to mention an individual name (if there is one you aspire to be)! Being specific to the industry you want to intern in will earn you extra goodie points.

Avoid using words/phrases like – encouraging, innovative, challenging, upgrade/hone my skills, etc.

(Note – the reason I haven’t written an example statement here is because we tend to copy  and rephrase the career objective statement, intentionally or unintentionally.)

Academic Projects

Now this is the part that will get you in or out of the internship. Academic projects that you have work on helps the recruiter know about your skill and expertise. It also helps him decide to place you in the existing projects that are running in the company currently.

In the academic projects, don’t forget to mention the following –

  1. A short summary of the project
  2. Technologies/methods used
  3. Results, if any

Pay special attention while listing the technologies/methods used. This will be the key that will gauge your expertise so far in the academia.

Extra Curricular Activities

Chances are you might be the youngest in the team so you might be judged by your supervisor on the basis of what you do outside your college.

I strongly recommend not to include hobbies section in your Resume. Instead, if your Hobby is something you do as an activity then mention it.

If you are part of swimming team or have competed mention – training for swimming competition as an extra curricular activities. And the achievements that you would have had could be a part of your Achievements section.

Activities that can Earn you Brownie Points

There are some activities or participation that can earn you some extra credits on your internship Resume. It could –

  1. Volunteering for an NGO
  2. Raising a fund
  3. Leading a team to win a sport
  4. Starting a club or group to help other or bring social change, etc.
  5. Own and manage a blog

Anything of these sorts will show you as a self-starter and you would come as some who takes ownership of his responsibility. Team player, discipline would obviously be the implicit quality in you.

Which activity that makes your internship resume stand out from all the rest of prospective intern? Let us in the comment below

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Make sure your resume heading as interesting as you are. A resume heading can make or break your job application.



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