How Can Instagram be Used in B2B Marketing for Brand Building

How Can Instagram be Used in your B2B Marketing

It’s a common misconception that Instagram is not just useful for B2B companies. With the right content, it can do wonders for your brand and business.

Instagram is not a platform meant for the travel bloggers, models or consumer brands. If you are a B2B companies then you can leverage this platform to build your brand. Of course, different social media platforms work differently with every brand. However, there are ways by which we can work around this conventional thinking.

The appeal of Instagram is different than LinkedIn and Twitter. While LinkedIn and Twitter is more where people talk business, Instagram is where everyone come in their time off. This is the reason, marketers need to soft sell and need to have an indirect approach while marketing their product/service.

Let’s look at things that can help B2B marketers to create their content.

Take the Storytelling Approach For Initiating Conversations

People on Instagram are looking for casual conversations rather than seeing the brands showing off their products.

Like for ex, Adobe posted this image on their account. They are not hard selling their product, however, with such post they are definitely hitting a chord with their prospective clients.

Adobe Instagram Example
Adobe uses Instagram to show artist’s interpretation of the universal desire to be noticed by social media

Show-off Your Employee And Culture

Posting and sharing photographs of your employees and culture gives a glimpse of you as a brand not just to your customers and prospective customers but also to your future employees. This is also a great way of engaging with your existing employees.

Zendesk Instagram example
New hires at Zendesk get introduced over Instagram too!

Know how Thought Leadership can help in B2B marketing

Use Thought Leadership to Build the Community for Your Brand

As is with every social platform, consistent publishing of the content is the key to engaging the relevant users. You need to be consistent as well as interesting content for your fan follower. You can even use thought leadership in your Instagram posts to create a community for your followers.

Oracle Thought Leadership Instagram
Oracle brilliantly uses Thought Leadership to create fan following on Instagram

Be Creative

It is important that you create content that speaks to your user base. So if Instagram is used by people in their time off then give them content that matches it. If they want to have casual conversation, engage with them through some light banter.

Understand what images and content works the best for you and your brand and use it touch the innate desire of your fan base.

How have you been conversing with your followers on Instagram? Would love to hear of interesting post and follow you. Let me know here.



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