I bet you didn’t know what sitting for long hours can do to your body and age

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Having a sedentary lifestyle can shorten your life by 8 years.

In today’s digital world, with everything just a click away, we all are getting into the habit of sedentary lifestyle. We do our 9-5 desk job, ride back home in our vehicle and have no time and strength left for exercising anymore, even though we all know the various side effects of not getting involved in any physical activity. This leads to various diseases which has the link with the most important factor, Obesity. Inactivity leads to gain in weight, which in turn makes our body host to many other life threatening diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, diabetes, heart attack etc.

To top this all, sitting has now been found as a factor in ageing us too. It affects our cells at the biological level. How does it affect our cells, you may think. So to get there first let us see what a telomere is.

Have you heard about Telomere?

Our body is made up of cells. Just how important cells are to our existence and every cell consists Telomeres, on the tips of our DNA. Just like the plastic cap present at the ends of our shoelaces, these telomeres protect our chromosomes. Our cells constantly replicate, and as a result, a part of telomere is lost in the process. This is what determines the cell’s age, which may also mean a person’s biological age.

There is one great solution to it

When a person is inactive, which is sitting in a place for 10 hours or more, it affects to their telomeres getting shorter. It has been found to age a person by 8 years. If you do not want to look older than your age then getting moderate to vigorous physical activity can help. People who get involved in exercising for at least 30 minutes or more seems to be safe from this effect of telomere shortening due to long sitting hours.

Nobody wants to age, forget ageing faster, that too 8 years. Long time huh?

Save yourself. All you need is taking out 30 minutes for staying young and healthy. So get up and get going on your feet and also take that co-worker along for some company and a young friend forever!

Check out these easy ways to include activity in your everyday life.

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