Here is all that yoga can do to your body, mind, and soul


Yoga is a 5000 year old knowledge about body which was originated in ancient India and it involves the development of individual mind, body and soul. Yoga gives us an overall sense of well being and inner peace. The best thing about yoga remains that it can be performed by almost everybody, young or old and if you look at the benefits, you wouldn’t agree less that every person should practice this art every day. Let’s get to the amazing health benefits it has.

Yoga improves flexibility

Flexibility remains the first and most important benefit of yoga. Once you start doing yoga, you will see your flexibility improve within few days. And once the tight muscles starts loosening up, it would reduce the stress on your joints eventually reducing pain.

Yoga relieves stress

Yoga leads to relaxation. Relaxation of breathing, body and mind. This relaxation is the opposite of stress. Hence promoting relief from the stress we face in our everyday activities.

Yoga helps in having better sleep

These days many people suffer from difficulty in getting a good sleep at night. This can hamper a person’s health, as when we sleep our body removes toxins and repairs itself on the cellular level. Hence making it important to get minimum 6-8 hours of sleep. This can certainly be achieved with yoga. While performing yoga, our tensed muscles relaxes along with our mind and reduced stress. together all these leads to better sleep at night.

Yoga increases physical strength

Yoga requires strength to hold the poses. With time when you keep practicing certain poses, with the weight of your body, your muscles gets toned and stronger. And you thought only gymnasium could do that?

Yoga improves joint mobility

Our joints consist of synovial fluid which provides lubrication between the bones to keep them moving. Inactivity reduces this lubrication which makes our joints stiff and painful to perform movement. Certain yoga postures help with moving our joints and circulating the synovial fluid properly keeping joints healthy.

Make this amazing art of living, yoga, a part of your everyday routine and get healthier.

Not flexible enough and think cannot perform yoga? Our next article would be to get you simple yoga asanas anyone can get started with. Stay tuned!



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