Hard Skills That Are Must on Your Resume!

more than one hard skills is needed in your resume these days to create an impression on recruiter and increase your worth

It is often taught to us that being master of any one of the hard skills taught, is alright. Unfortunately for us, it doesn’t hold true these days.

As hard it would be to accept this fact but this does holds true. Having multiple hard skills would mean catching the attention of the recruiter!

What are Hard Skills?

Hard skills can be any tangible and teachable abilities in an individual like math, programming languages, typing, etc.

These skills make up for the job role that these days requires if not mastering then at least knowing multiple things.

For ex, in Marketing you cannot survive if you know only about the content creation and distribution. You need to have basic knowledge of languages like HTML (which helps you design responsive content). Having an understanding of web technologies helps you with planning better distribution too. Also you are not dependent on a developer to decode a technical error while sending a campaign.

Elon Musk, recently spoke about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) would make life meaningless because of mass unemployment at World Government Summit in Dubai. Knowing this, we need to act fast and upgrade our skill set to be relevant to the industry in the face of automation and AI.

In order to help you out with skills, we have listed few here that you need to start adding in your resume. Soon enough!


This is an obvious skill that you would need to acquire and/or upgrade it. We also cannot deny the fact that technology today is changing everyday so the question arises – “Is the technology I am spending today learning is worth learning?”

I would say, yes. Thing about technology it gets evolved. So knowing one technology in and out makes it an easier for you pick up new technology or even upgrade yourself.

We recommend knowing – Python, AngularJS, PHP, HTML5, CSS3


Knowing any international languages such as English, German, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, etc. will be an added advantage for the overseas/onsite opportunity. Getting certified in the beginner level could be a great start.

Critical Thinking

Having the ability to dig deep and extract as much information from the data and/or observations available is one skill that would help you in any job roleor in any industry. These are 6 critical thinking skills that you need master.

Design/Artistic Skill

Adapting or developing an artistic skill is as necessary as having basic technology knowledge. You need to know the basic ergonomics of designing that will not only help you give more perspective to your current projects but will also develop your creative thinking. Having one artistic skill ensures that you are able to push your brain use both the hemisphere resulting in more productive result and outcome.

Is there any other hard skill that you think should be added in your Resume? Let me know here, would love to know about it.

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Avani Lalka is an experienced marketer, and a writer in the field of new-age marketing and career development. She writes from her heart to make a difference in the lives of the people that follow her. Currently she is heading Account Based Marketing (ABM) in a popular Pune-based startup. Feel free to connect her as she welcomes new ideas and opportunities. Email: lalka.avani7@gmail.com