I got an amazing domain name today. Sharesu.me. Check it out. I have redirected to sharesume.com

I have a vision. Vision to see every professional making a perfect resume, first time, every time. A person is judged today on the basis of how good her/his resume is. So a person who is good at presenting herself/himself on resume gets noticed easily irrespective of the skill-set they have. This is the way it has been since forever. This, I think, is unfair.

It is unfair to both, the job seeker as well as the employer. I have been a job seeker as well as an employer in my career. I did not ever want myself to be judged on my incapability to design and write a great resume. But, as a job seeker, I was. As an employer I did not ever want to miss great talent just because they were not able to impress me with their resume, so I never saw their resumes to start with. But this was not the case with others. In a survey I carried out during my research in the last one year, I found more than 95 percent of the established large organizations and approximately 70 percent of startups shortlisted candidates on the basis of resumes. Which means, a good presenter would get to the next round but a not-so-good presenter would always suffer.

This is just unfair. Yet we have done nothing about it, ever. This is one among the 10 reasons I designed Sharesume. So that resumes be standardized. Everyone’s resume presentation be excellent and people get to the second round of the hiring process on the basis of their skills or experience, but never on the basis of their presentation skills.

Let me know, if you can relate to my feelings. Let me know if you would join hands with me to make this project a reality. I am looking for a MEAN stack developer to start with the project. I want to help every professional across the globe with Sharesume. I will need funds to achieve this mission. Help me find an angel investor who would be equally passionate to reach the 500 million professionals across the globe.





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