Finding my own truth


Treadmill of humanity

Humanity at the moment is, some high calibre people build a treadmill that runs at the speed they are comfortable with. Outside this treadmill is suffering and death. Every human is required to run on this treadmill. The ones who cannot match the speed are naturally thrown out. And the high calibre people continuously increase the speed of treadmill at the rate at which their ‘comfortable speed’ increases. It’s just speed, not velocity. It doesn’t have a direction or even a purpose. It is speed.

Cancerous mankind

Why is it speed and not velocity? Speed is scalar and velocity is vector. That is, speed doesn’t have direction but velocity has.

Ever wondered why do we want our nation’s GDP to grow? Ever wondered why are we continuously acquiring skills to have a job. Ever wondered why do we want inflation to take place each year at a certain rate?

According to me, these Whys have no answer. There is no purpose to the existence of these things. Growth in GDP, inflation, technologies, and everything around us is being caused. It is being caused by humans. We are triggering a cancer. Cancer cells grow rapidly and for no reason. Exactly what we are doing to everything around us. We are the cancer triggers. The cancer in everything around us.



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