At most times, your exit from an organisation is incomplete without a farewell email

As right it might seem to leave the organisation you have been working with, saying goodbye is always hard. A farewell email is something that needs to be sent out on your last working day, thus completing your exit process.

Writing a farewell email is as important as what you write in your resignation letter. There are some emails that do make even the top management hit a reply button on it. So before YOU hit the send button make sure you have this few things in place.

1. Subject line

I have seen a simple subject line work well with farewell email. It could be as simple as a ‘Goodbye’ or ‘Adios, amigos’ for a more informal approach. In case you have been client facing role then it is important to send email to your client POC too. Make it simple with ‘My last day at XYZ’ or ‘I am moving from XYZ’

2. Appreciate your subordinate and colleague

Chances you will be sending this email cross the organisation, at this time, it is always a good thing to put in a good word for the help and support you received from your colleague and team. They feel appreciated and connected with you even on your last day. From my experience I have loved it when the person leaving takes time to talk about everyone individually in such emails. It feels like being mentioned during the ‘Thank You’ speech. Don’t you think so?

3. For the clients POC

If you were in the client facing business make sure you leave contact details of your replacement or temporary substitute for the client to contact to in case he has any queries. Clients usually do not appreciate when they call the wrong person when in an emergency. The best would be to CC the alternate contact in your farewell email to the client

4. Write separate emails to your clients POC and to your colleague of the organisation

You wouldn’t want to bore your client with the appreciation you want to give your team. Or you wouldn’t want everyone in the team know about your replacement. Would you?

5. CC or add your personal contact details at the end in case anyone wants to contact you in future

CCing your personal email address is a good way to still stay in touch with your colleague.

Go ahead and nail that farewell email now as you did with every email on your job. And wish you all the very best on your next stepping stone!



Avani Lalka is an experienced marketer, and a writer in the field of new-age marketing and career development. She writes from her heart to make a difference in the lives of the people that follow her. Currently she is heading Account Based Marketing (ABM) in a popular Pune-based startup. Feel free to connect her as she welcomes new ideas and opportunities. Email: