Ever wondered why are you all groggy when sick? This is why

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A good night’s sleep is one of the most vital thing we need everyday. A day without sleep leaves us sick and tired. But what about the extra sleep we need when we fall sick?

We all wish to stay in the bad when feeling sick. Sleeping when ill is said to have a positive impact on our health. It promotes healing and boosts up our immune system. Either way sleep and sickness seems to come hand in hand. Ever wondered what could be the reason behind this? Scientists seem to be on their way to find the reason behind this sleepiness that comes along with sickness.

Just like humans, animals too shows the same tiredness and sleepiness when sick. It is believed that this sleep which is induced by sickness is different than our regular naps and night’s sleep. To get an idea behind this relation, scientists took the help of a worm as they have a simple nervous system. There is release of certain chemicals, in a nerve cell, that resonds to sickness by inducing sleep.

A chemical called FLP-13 is responsible to induce sleep in the worm even when they are not sick. This is done by turning down the activity in the cells in the nervous system that promote wakefulness. Then the studies went ahead to study the genetic mutations so as to determine which ones, when FLP-13 is released, causes the worms to not fall asleep. They found that the worms do not get sleepy in respone to FLP-13 when mutation causes them to lack a receptor protein called DMSR-1. Thus showing that for FLP-13 to induce sleep, DMSR-1 must be essential. The study have also found that there are other chemicals too which intereacts with DMSR-1 apart from FLP-13.

Further studies needs to be in the direction to find if similar mechanism triggers sickness induced sleep in humans too so that it leads to a new direction in treating sleepiness and fatigue in sick people.

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