Delhi based startup’s app — EstiloRobe — is what every woman wants on her mobile

EstiloRobe is making “dressing up” a more fun and positive experience with minimal time and money investment


Women love shopping. That’s no secret. But with the variety in offerings from hundreds of brands, women often are stuck in a dilemma. What to buy and what not. EstiloRobe makes life easier for every such woman.

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The Eureka Moment

Three things most women think while standing in front of their wardrobes

  1. I don’t have enough styles in my wardrobe
  2. I don’t have anything to wear
  3. What do I wear?

That’s what childhood friends Pahul Kathuria and Pooja Aggarwal often talked about too. They realized that this problem is not unique to them. Every woman they talked to accepted of having the same thoughts. And the severity of the problem only increases with rising number of brands, styles, and stores.

Pahul and Pooja introduced EstiloRobe to solve this very problem for women

“We came up with an idea to develop an app that would encourage people to use their wardrobe clothes to create new and innovative looks to wear.”

They believe that if smartphones can manage everything from your home lights to your personal fitness, then why not your wardrobe too?!

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EstiloRobe – The App

“EstiloRobe is an android based app that lets you create a virtual closet by uploading the images of your current wardrobe items. The app then helps you to re-vamp and re-invent your style of dressing by mix n matching and creating new looks from your existing wardrobe.”

She adds that, one can upload the photos of their wardrobe items in the app under various categories and create their own virtual wardrobe. One can then play around with their wardrobe anytime and anywhere and even share with friends for their opinions.

More Features

One can take suggestions on style and latest trends from EstiloRobe’s stylists anytime. The stylist will suggest trendy looks using your existing wardrobe. One can decide on an outfit and accessories to go along and schedule the date and time to wear it on the app. The app also keeps you hooked up with its updates on the latest trends in fashion.

According to the founders, the app is ideal for any woman between the age group of 18 to 35, who wants to dress up and look good but don’t have either the time to stand in front of the closet and decide what to wear or spend extravagantly on new set of clothes for every occasion.

Team’s Vision

“Our main purpose at EstiloRobe is to make ‘dressing up’ a more fun and positive experience with minimal time and money to spend on.”

Investor Pitch

The team is bootstrapped and are bullish on their future, looking at the current traction rate.

“EstiloRobe virtually organizes your wardrobe, helps you play around with it, and plan when to wear what. Not just that, one can get personalized style advice anytime from our stylists and also be updated of the latest trends. There is no single app in market which provides all these feature on one platform. Being a niche market we have very few players and all of them are still striving to establish a foothold.”

Pooja and Pahul plan to add more features in the coming months. Here is a sneak peak of EstiloRobe

How to use EstiloRobe?

There are seven tabs in the app

  1. My Closet Tab — This tab stores all the pictures, clicked by you, of your wardrobe items (even the ones that you don’t wear). It also allows you to create different categories according to your needs and helping you keep track of all your items.
  2. Wishlist — Here you can store/save all that you wish to buy of the latest styles and trends. This is access by your Style Editor to create new looks and style as you like.
  3. Style Editor — This is where all the magic happens. Mix and match your items here from your existing wardrobe items with the Wishlist. This helps create new looks and style by pairing your existing clothes with the ones you plan to buy.
  4. Look Book — The styles and looks that you create for yourself in the Style Editor gets stored in the Look Book. Name, categorize or share these looks as you like and require.
  5. Ask Stylist — This feature is your personal stylist. If you are not able to decide on what to wear or what to buy, then just send an query through this feature. EstiloRobe’s team of stylist would then, based on your profile and the information provided by you, help you with the fashion advice and make suggestions on fashion looks that you can wear from your existing wardrobe.
  6. Planner — This helps you plan your outfits ahead of time, set a reminder for a particular date and time for an outfit. It also sends you a prior notification to avoid any last minute rush.
  7. Trending — It provides you with style tips and latest fashion trends given by EstiloRobe’s fashion bloggers.

People Behind EstiloRobe

Meet the Co-founders. On left is Pooja Aggarwal and right Pahul Kathuria
Meet the founders — Pooja Aggarwal (left) and Pahul Kathuria (right)

They are a small team but super enthusiastic.

  • Pahul Mahajan, co-founder of EstiloRobe looks after the Design and Fashion Styling part of the app. She is a fashion graduate from NIFT
  • Pooja Aggarwal, co-founder holds MBA from IIFT and looks after the Marketing and User Engagement for EstiloRobe
  • Vikrant Mahajan is the Strategy Wizard at EstiloRobe. He holds a B. Tech. degree from IIT Delhi and works on the overall strategy building and revenue generation of app

For the development of the app, EstiloRobe has currently teamed up with Trivialworks.

Download and try EstiloRobe app on Google Play

Pahul and Pooja would love to read your feedback in the comments below.


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