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SGX Nifty

SGX Nifty will give you a fair understanding about how Nifty50 index will open today.

Click here: SGX NIFTY

Major Deals by Big Players

Big Players when they buy a stock, some positive movement is seen in those stocks. While if they sell, the stock may see some selling pressure. But not always true. Use it with other indicators.

Find big deals here: LARGE DEALS

News Around Stocks and Futures and Options Action

In the morning, on Bloomberg Quint, you will find all news around stocks. Large deals, Brokerage Calls, Results, FnO Action and Data, all of it.

Click here: Bloomberg Quint

Find stocks that will be in focus by DSIJ

Click here: Stocks in News Today

Stock Recommendations From Various Sources

Some of the recommendations can be found from Tipz.in.

Click here: Tipz Finance

Top Analysts recommending stocks can be found on Economic Times.

Click here: Economic Times Recos

Recommendations from Gale can help in medium term investments as well as understand technicals of individual stocks for intraday trading.

Click here: Gale Recommendations

Daily One Free Share Tip by A1 Intraday Tips

Click here: A1 Trading Tip

Daily One Free Share Tip by NSEGuide

Click here: NSEGuide Trading Tip

Brokerage House Recommendations on DSIJ

Click here: Brokerage House Recommendations

Short Term/intraday Tips by various brokerage houses on DSIJ

Click here: Intraday/Short Term Picks

ICICI Direct Calls captured by moneycontrol

Click here: ICICI Direct Stock Advice

Hot This Week In Indian Stock Market


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