How Focusing on Customer Support is Key to The Success of Your B2B Marketing Strategies

why is customer support the new marketing

Customer support and customer service is seen as the new marketing strategy by many businesses. It is, in fact, believed that customer support and marketing should have a harmonious relationship like peanut butter and jelly!

Every business, organisation spends a lot of time and money in getting new customers. So it makes sense to get the customer support in your B2B marketing to strengthen your relationship. Benjamin Franklin has said,

Well done is better than well said!

And isn’t it true? Your customer would be loyal and well engaged on what you do for them rather than just knowing or hearing what you are going to do. And companies like Amazon, Zappos have proved that providing with the ultimate customer satisfaction makes your product/service sell to your customer by itself.

Maintaining good customer support can help in retaining your existing customer and also gets you a good word to your prospective customers. As it is rightly said, you are not just selling your product/service; you are selling customer service!

Let’s look at the benefits of implementing customer support as your marketing strategy:

Get the Competitive Edge

Having customer satisfaction would definitely give you an edge. A good customer service positively affects your bottom line. This is supported by study that says 7 out of 10 people would rather spend money on companies providing an excellent customer service! It in turn reduces your business costs and aids in increasing your prices.

Positive Reviews Can Help in Word of Mouth And Getting Referrals

This goes without saying that one happy customer can get you 3 more customers, thereby reducing customer acquisition cost. Moreover, good reviews can help with your digital presence too.

Check out these online stories of Zappos, Amazon, Apple who Delivers WOW through Service and some more customer success stories

Derek Sivers did made a bold statement and rightly so when he said,

Customer service is the new marketing

Helps You Understand Your Customers Better

If you can correlate your marketing efforts with your customer service, then you can know their personas better. This would further help you in understanding your buyers needs, pain points and interests, giving you the first hand information. This can be then used for the creating the right content that would hit the right chord with them. Now doesn’t it sound, great?

What are waiting for? Do not hesitate to take up your marketing strategy and customer support a notch further. You could be the next Amazon or Zappos or Google or Apple of your industry.

Have an interesting story to share about customer service or marketing gimmicks that has helped you? Do let me know in the comments, would love to hear about it.



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