Cream and cheese, commonly considered bad for health, may actually be good

eating bad fat

“You need to cut off saturated fats from your diet.” This is the first thing people tell anyone who is overweight, obese or with medical conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases.

All our lives we hear from everyone around us about how we should eat healthy food and avoid eating fats. Cheese and cream remain among those food which are high in saturated fats and so off our list.

Many researches have been done previously which shows how high saturated fat food diet increases all health risks. It has been shown to that is best to avoid such foods in order to maintain a healthy weight. A recent study seems to challenge all these previous studies.The study conducted showed that the calculated risk of heart disease did not increase with the very high intake of saturated and total fat. Moreover there was reduced blood pressure, blood lipids and ectopic fat storage in the high fat group. This came out as a surprise that these men along with these findings also showed reduction in weight and reduced level of cholesterol.

But hang on, before you go out and grab the fried food from the market, be careful studies have also found trans fat to be very harmful for your health. This shows that the nutrition we require does not completely depend upon the quantity of food one eats, but more on the quality of food. It is important that one consumes a healthy diet which includes vegetables in high amounts and is rich in fresh, lowly processes and nutritious foods. It is also good to avoid flour bases products. It all comes down to the quality of fat and total energy intake, keep them in control and you are good to go.

All you cream and cheese lovers, spread the word and do share your views on this in the comments below.

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