Cover Letter and Resume Are the Keys to Unlock Your Job Application

Cover letter and resume are the keys to unlock job application

While going for a cold interview, before the recruiter sees your Resume your cover letter is what would make him see your application. And maybe consider you for the interview.

Few years ago I was trying to get an internship. I was so desperate that I was not looking at the company but was hoping that I would get a call for at least the first round of interview. I experimented with subject lines and cover letter. When I finally bagged an internship I realised that cover letters make a whole lot of difference to your application.

Since then here are a couple of significant things I learnt about writing cover letters that people trying to crack an interview must be aware of.

Subject Line

Be it any email, I believe that a little personalisation helps in opening of your email. To add personal touch always know the name of the person and add it in the email address.

Also if you are applying for a MNC always address them by first name and avoid using Sir/Madam in the email.


Keep the body short and to the point. Do not write about your experiences and skills. Remember the cover letter is to get you the interview and it’s not your introduction.

If you are applying for internship then it’s a good idea to mention the University/College you are attending and the course you are pursuing. Make sure that you also mention the motive behind applying with the particular company you are writing.

In case you want to do a project/internship under a particular department/person, mention that too. And if you do not have correct contact then politely ask for setting the meeting/interview with the concerned person.

Sounding professional and ambitious during the internship can help maximise your odds of getting the offer letter (or PPO – Pre-Placement Offer) on the completion of the internship.

Sign Off

While signing off, there are two things that you shouldn’t miss on:

  1. Asking for a convenient day and time for interview/meeting. Better would be if you proactively suggest a day and time in the email making it easier for the recruiter to check his calendar.
  2. Mentioning your contact details where you can be reached at. Also mention your phone number below your signature.

And DO NOT miss on attaching your resume with the email. You can also upload your resume on cloud and share the link with them along with the attachment.

I hope the next time you write cover letter, these tips would help you. Is there any other tip that has worked for you? Share it in the comments below.

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Before you move on. You must be careful with your resume too. At the least, make sure you do not use this Resume format ever!



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