Answers to common questions asked to MBA graduates during the interview

Answers to common questions asked to MBA graduates during job interview

In the last 5 years I would have given at least 30 interviews and still at times I get nervous at the thought of giving interviews. And every interview I have given be it telephonic, Skype or a face to face one there are 4 questions that I am always asked. And over time I have made a script of what to say when I am ask these questions. I am sharing these answers with you in case it would help any one of you.

1. Why did you do MBA after Engineering?

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So Engineers in the house, I am pretty sure you would be familiar with this question. Many of us resort to the replies with – ‘I needed a shift in the domain’ or more honest ones reply with ‘I am attracted to the packages that are offered to MBAs’

Better way to answer is

I want to give a holistic approach to my career. Having the technical skill/expertise I am sure i can add value to the company’s objective but making sure I have managerial skill and People skill will make me give a better perspective of moving ahead in my career.

2. What makes you a better candidate for the role? / Why should I hire you?

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Now this is a tricky one. Based on your experiences and current designation you can justify why you are suitable. However, if you are jumping domains it can be difficult convincing your future employee. To this I find this answer quite useful,

I understand that I do not have experience in the current profile. But I think I will be able to add more value to the position as I will be bringing new perspective as compared to the person who has worked in this domain for X Years. Plus, my background gives me an advantage of being a multi-tasker. And I believe A ‘Jack of Many trades’ is more crucial in this age of Instant results.

3. What are your strengths/weaknesses?

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NEVER mention Honesty, Punctuality, Discipline or Hard-working to your interviewee. I would go a step ahead and say to remove/delete these words from your Resume/LinkedIn profile too. Having taken an interview myself (even though I do not experience of an HR) I can say puts off interviewer the most.

However, I do understand it’s difficult to describe yourself in adjectives. So I do two things:

  1. I asked my friends and sister to describe me in 2 sentences. On the basis of it I try to find words that helps me most.
  2. I prefer describing my strength/weakness in phrases rather than in adjectives. For ex, my strength is –

Being able to stay quiet for long (this makes me a good listener). This also makes the interviewer want to listen to you and you get his attention. Try this out the next time you have to answer your strengths and weakness.

4. Do you have any questions for us?

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Always have few questions regarding the culture of the company or about how your day would look like in the workplace. This tells them you are interested and are taking your designation really seriously.

Do let me know in the comments how these answers work for you during the interview. Would also love to know about the frequent questions that you are asked and how you answer it!

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