Common bathroom habits that are affecting your health badly. Get rid of them now!

Hygiene for Kids Breaking Bad bathroom Habits

Our simple every day activities have a great impact on the quality of health we all desire. And one such part is our bathroom activity which we carry out every day. Take a look at these bathroom habits you might need to change to be in the best of health.

Not changing your toothbrush regularly

This is something we dont give much consideration. Ideally one is supposed to change his/her toothbrush regularly. Especially after being sick as the bacteria may linger out there

Not having a proper soap holder

An ideal soap holder should have holes in it to avoid growing of germs.

Keeping same hand towel for everyone

Each person should use a separate hand towel for themselves to avoid spreading of bacteria.

Taking a steamy shower without ventilation

Steamy shower without ventilation leads to formation of moisture which then causes mold buildup on your walls and ceiling.

Dirty Shower Curtains

This is the place where molds build up. Hence it is necessary to keep them clean by changing frequently

Using the same Loofah for a long time

One of the most common place for bacterias to grow and spread. Just like your toothbrush, the loofah needs to be changed every 2-3 months too.

Dirty toilet

This goes without saying, leaving the toilet dirty may call for unwanted infections. Always keep your toilets clean and hygienic



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